My Only Earth is in the Moon

Brazil | Portugal, Portuguese, 19 mins

Original Title

Minha Única Terra É Na Lua
  • Director: Sergio Silva
  • Writer: Sergio Silva
  • Producer: Julia Alves; Felipe Santo

CGiii Comment


To be a filmmaker you have to be Pisces!!! What a silly statement!

The rest of the film is an interview...we switched off after question number 3!

No trailer...


The(ir) Blurb...

Sergio answers 36 questions to make Gabriel fall in love. Did you know Glauber was a pisces?

Sergio responde a 36 perguntas para fazer Gabriel se apaixonar. Você sabia que Glauber era pisciano?

Cast & Characters

Flora Dias as Norma Bengell;
Igor Mo as Gabriel;
Gilda Nomacce as Sergio Silva;
Bruno Risas as Luc Moullet;
Sergio Silva as Sergio Silva

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