My Only Earth is in the Moon

Brazil | Portugal, Portuguese, 19 mins

Original Title

Minha Única Terra É Na Lua
  • Director: Sergio Silva
  • Writer: Sergio Silva
  • Producer: Julia Alves; Felipe Santo

CGiii Comment


To be a filmmaker you have to be Pisces!!! What a silly statement!

The rest of the film is an interview...we switched off after question number 3!


12º FESTIVAL TAGUATINGA DE CINEMA - Minha u*nica terra e* na lua from FESTIVAL TAGUATINGA DE CINEMA on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Sergio answers 36 questions to make Gabriel fall in love. Did you know Glauber was a pisces?

Sergio responde a 36 perguntas para fazer Gabriel se apaixonar. Você sabia que Glauber era pisciano?

Cast & Characters

Flora Dias as Norma Bengell;
Igor Mo as Gabriel;
Gilda Nomacce as Sergio Silva;
Bruno Risas as Luc Moullet;
Sergio Silva as Sergio Silva

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