Once Upon a Zipper

USA, English, 18 mins

  • Director: Christie Conochalla
  • Writer: Christie Conochalla
  • Producer: Casey; Aida Lembo

CGiii Comment

2 million plus YouTube views...there's nothing stranger than fact!

We didn't get it...at all!


The(ir) Blurb...

Rachel can't stop herself from falling in love with Paulie, the woman who helps her try on wedding gowns.

Cast & Characters

Kate Miller as Rachel Bennett;
Jillian Leigh as Paulie Bishop;
Holly Hawkins as Nancy Bennett;
Stephanie Koenig as Edie Bennett;
Jay Alan Christianson as Eli Bennett;
Peter Marr as Randy Rivers;
Ashley Watkins as Frankie;
Aida Lembo as Joy;
JoAnna Senatore as Scary Teacher;
Ashley Alvarado as Party Guest;
Tiffany Berube as Party Guest;
Erin Coleman as Party Guest;
Dan Kempen as Party Guest;
Terry Lendley as Party Guest;
Carmen Riquelme as Party Guest

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