Otra Vez... No!

Peru, Spanish, 7 mins

  • Director: Alexis Mendoza Q

CGiii Comment

Short films do not need lengthy opening credits!!!

Such a serious subject...and, with the 'bloopers' at the end...makes a mockery of the whole film.


The(ir) Blurb...

Stephano a 16-year-old goes through stormy times of trouble forever remembering his past, although there were moments of happiness with his friends and his family ? But then there is always something that happened 6 years ago?

Stephano un adolescente de 16 años, pasa por tormentosos momentos de angustia por recordar siempre su pasado, a pesar de que tiene momentos de felicidad a lado sus amigos y familia... Ese pasado veulve a regresar un pasado que sucedio hace 6 años atrás...

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