Recruit (The)

India, Hindi, 7 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Shashwati Talukdar
  • Writer: Danish Mirza
  • Producer: Kavita Chandna

CGiii Comment

At the start, it's not that bad...

Then, Abhay makes his/her entrance and the whole thing crashes to the floor.

Believe us, your jaw will hit the ground...it really is that bad!


The(ir) Blurb...

'Rangroot' is about a teenaged cross-dresser in a small town in India who is faced with the difficult decision to defy convention to follow his dream. Abhay lives with his widowed mother and older brother. His mother is very unhappy with him because he is nothing like his soldier father or policeman brother. One day she confronts him about his unacceptable ways, which leaves Abhay no choice but to take one of the roads offered to him at this crucial juncture in his life.

Cast & Characters

Jagriti Dobhal as Mother;
Raman Rawat as Brother;
Bhupendra Taneja as Surinder;
Tejas Taneja as Abhay

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