Retail Rejects

Canada, English, 7 mins

  • Director: Tiffany Alycia Tong
  • Writer: Tiffany Alycia Tong; Irma Artanis
  • Producer: Tiffany Alycia Tong

CGiii Comment

It failed the 30 second-web-series-test...


The(ir) Blurb...

This series follows the lives and daily trials of the employees of a retail store. Brinkerhoff and Coemans is a department store and the last branch of their brand in existence. Ella Blake (Allie Pev) is excited to start her new job as a sales girl but her excitement is soon shattered training under the jaded and competitive top sales girl, Charlie Wong (Tiffany Alycia Tong). Charlie guides Ella through the realities of working retail as they face demanding customers, an over-eager manager, and a fiendish Head Office consultant. There are also three co-workers named Britney to distinguish, corporate espionage from rival store Eternally 22, and Ella's burgeoning crush on Charlie to deal with. Secrets about the store and the employees become undone, culminating in the ultimate test for the B&C team; surviving the White Thursday sales.

Cast & Characters

Tomas Mauro as Damien Durante;
Tiffany Alycia Tong as Charlie Wong;
Allie Pev as Ella Blake;
Zlatko Stipic as L.I.N.D.A.;
Lil' Ginge as Grande Brit;
Vivian Tang as Baby Brit;
Madeleine Weber as Michelle Taylor Blacksmith;
Jessica Zhang as Venti Britnay

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