Right Mind

USA, English, 10 mins

  • Director: Timothy Marc Hopper; Grant Harvey
  • Writer: Timothy Marc Hopper
  • Producer: Timothy Marc Hopper

CGiii Comment

The editor and sound recordist should seek alternative employment!!!

It's a shame...because, there are a couple of good ideas contained herein...but, when the technical department lets you down, there's nowhere to hide!


Right Mind from Timothy Marc Hopper on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Teenage drop out keeps his sister out of the ghetto by robbing. Talented street grifter, Darryl, wrestles with his own honor to provide for his younger sister, Jasmine, in a world that has left him out. Darryl robs so he can afford to pay for Jasmines private school and keep her out of the world he grew up in.

Cast & Characters

Sam Gipson as Darryl;
Zoe Soul as Jasmine;
Reynaldo Pacheco as Sergio;
Shana Williams as Mother;
Anna Rose Heyman as Julia;
Daniel King as Nathaniel;
Jack Garman as Irving;
Linda Valdez as Coffee Girl 2;
Roberta Valdez as Coffee Girl 1;
Cynthia C. Reynoso as Caralissa

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