Student Films are Stupid

Ireland, English, 9 mins

  • Director: Sinead Huggins
  • Writer: Sinead Huggins
  • Producer: Patrica Dennehy

CGiii Comment

No talent was involved in the making of this film!

The title describes it perfectly.


The(ir) Blurb...

A Zom-Com about student film makers. They are making a zombie movie in the woods when actual zombies begin to appear. Also, an unlikely roman blooms from all the chaos.

Cast & Characters

Arann Blake as Eric;
Ivy Boland as Little Zombie;
Alex Herlihy as Adam;
Mike Kingston as Fluffy;
Lola as The Car;
David Meehan as Dylan;
Arek Nowacki as Creepy Russian Polish Guy;
Saoirse O'Halloran as Auntie Sarah Hillwalker Zombie;
Claire O'Moore as Mellisa;
Sarah O'Moore as Stacey;
Oscar Richardson as Jason;
Leo Silva as Uncle Leo Hillwalker Zombie 2

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