Tegan and Sara: Faint of Heart

USA, English, 3 mins

  • Director: Devon Kirkpatrick
  • Producer: Katherine Fisher; Tiffany L. Gray

CGiii Comment

Who came up with this concept?!?

Please, please, please...refrain!

This is just plain bizarre...not in a good way!


The(ir) Blurb...

Trans and genderqueer youth are center stage in this powerful music video filmed the day after the Orlando tragedy.

Cast & Characters

Tegan Quin as Herself;
Ni Ching as Young Tegan;
Sara Quin as Herself;
Eli Erlick as Young Sara;
Cooper Treibel as Young Bowie;
Olabisi Kovabel as Young Grace Jones;
Tyler Ford as Young Prince;
Ella Giselle as Young Madonna;
Dominic Ravina as Young Elvis

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