B-Sides (The)

USA, English, 20 mins

  • Director: Ricardo Bouyett

CGiii Comment

Read the blurb to make sense of it all...

It's a visual album more than a short film...the visuals could have been stronger! Perhaps, the camera-operator (as opposed to a cinematographer) should have turned off the auto-focus and/or read the manual before flipping the 'on' button!

Some of the music is not half bad!


The B–Sides from Ricardo Bouyett on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An experimental narrative short that navigates manhood through the queer male lens. As a sexual assault survivor, I've had a turbulent time understanding love, sex, and men post-rape. This film is my way of syphoning out my issues with my sexuality and my relationship with myself. Not being able to relate to other men, let alone talk about it has made me turn my flashbacks, my suicidal thoughts, and my rage into visual poems. 'The B-Sides' looks at the other side of the rape culture coin and explores manhood through vulnerability and sensitivity. In exhibiting the emotionality of manhood, 'The B-Sides' denounces the normalization of toxic masculinity.

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