Day That She Died (The)

USA, English, 21 mins

  • Director: Sabra Wrice
  • Writer: Sabra Wrice
  • Producer: Stephanie Cziria; Rose-Emma Lunderman

CGiii Comment

Oooooh all that misery!

Buy a tripod, think about framing....blah, blah, blah!


The(ir) Blurb...

Sometimes, we allow our fear to consume us and we make choices based on the fear. For Bailey, that decision is one she cannot come back from. Afraid to come out to her family, she takes her own life, leaving her girlfriend, Sam devastated, desperately trying to hold on to their love.

Cast & Characters

Derek Long as Chris;
Stacey Raymond as Sam;
Leah Raymond as London;
Courtney Shaday as RJ;
Patrick Harvey;
Suzannah Herschkowitz as Megan;
Rose-Emma Lunderman as Bailey

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