Queens Project (The)

USA, English, 4 mins

  • Director: Dustin Williams
  • Writer: Ken Arpino
  • Producer: Ken Arpino

CGiii Comment

Not much effort went into the making of this!


The(ir) Blurb...

The Queens Project is a fast paced comedic web series at two roommates, Gabe (BJ Gruber) and Ash (Ken Arpino), who moved to the Big City to become Broadway stars but reality -- and lack of talent -- set them on the a journey to become the truest and nerdiest versions of themselves.

Cast & Characters

Ken Arpino as Ash;
Bj Gruber as Gabe;
Trey Gerrald as Nick;
Andre Jordan as Andre;
Chris Dwan as Trey;
Tim Murray as Nick 2

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