Veronica Exclusive (The)

USA, English, 9 mins

  • Director: Lily Larson
  • Writer: Lily Larson
  • Producer: Lily Larson

CGiii Comment

This failed the 30-second-web-series-test.


The(ir) Blurb...

Veronica Sawyer is a high school senior who just wants one thing: to get through her last year of high school in one piece. Recording everything that happens to her and posting it on YouTube, she plans to fly under the radar as always. The Heathers, however, have other plans. The Heathers rule the school with a perfectly manicured fist, and Veronica finds herself swept up in their world of gossip, backstabbing, and cruel pranks directed at the lower caste of students - including Martha, Veronica's best friend. Veronica is deeply unhappy, but endures it for the sake of her social status. That is where Jane Dean comes in. Jane, or 'J.D.', and Veronica fall for each other quickly, and J.D. promises Veronica that they can make the Heathers pay.

Cast & Characters

Casey Nicole Caplin as Veronica Sawyer;
Megan Lambie as Jane Dean;
Lizzy Phipps as Heather Macnamara

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