Tick Tock for Ding Dongs

USA, English, 10 mins

  • Director: Jed Bell
  • Writer: Tara Jepsen; Beth Lisick
  • Producer: Jed Bell

CGiii Comment

It's official...we have lost the will to live...and, our senses of humour!

Is this really supposed to be funny!?! Because, we didn't get it at all!


Tick Tock for Ding Dongs from Jed Bell on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An insane, trans-lesbionic trip across town by the always-optimistic, rarely-clothed Carole, Mitzi, and various other-gendered personas, all played by cult comediennes Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick.

Cast & Characters

Beth Lisick;
Tara Jepsen

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