Argentina, Spanish, 6 mins

  • Director: Sergio Bonacci Lapalma

CGiii Comment

It's a migraine-inducing heavy metal song...

Kill the music and there's the beginning of a decent short film!


"Transphobia" / "Transfobia" by PECO from Sergio Bonacci Lapalma on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

"Transphobia" starts by the need to increase the visibility of the trans community and the problems faced by the simple fact of being.

Excluded, marginalized and victim of a system that controls a world of drugs and prostitution; exposing them to danger, relegating them to solitude and even imposing socially that one does not deserve to be in this world by being trans.

This is a call of conscience, an artistic shout of what is happening, how society is accomplice of the silence; denying what is consider different, not given the opportunity to dream of another life.

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