Worst Case Scenario Femme Edition

USA, English, 5 mins

  • Director: Mary Guzmán

CGiii Comment

An extreme case of...trying-too-hard-to-be funny.

And, funny it - most definitely - is not. Rather irritating, to be honest.


The(ir) Blurb...

The lesbians got in on the action with this hilarious two-parter, that explains social norms for lesbian dating. It also highlights a little-discussed topic within the LGBT community: for all the discussion of concepts of masculinity and femininity as they relate to gay men and dating, seldom does the same, widespread issue get discussed in terms of women.

Yes folks, the girls too have to grapple with being too butch or too femme, as Worst Case Scenario shows. Should a butch woman hold the door for a more femme date? Can a femme be aggressive with a butch woman? Worst Case Scenario answers these questions and more with some very big laughs.

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