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Une nuit, à travers champs

Country: France, Language: French, 56 mins

  • Director: Guillaume Grélardon
  • Writer: Guillaume Grélardon

CGiii Comment

In a working-class town, Anthony and Dylan, two inseparable 14-year-old teenagers, decide to go on a walk for a retro House party in a nightclub called the Komplex. While one wants to join Océane, a young girl with whom he is in love. The other wants to escape from Jo, his brother's dealer, from whom he stole money and part of his stock.

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Cast & Characters

Jérémy Gillet as Anthony
Félix Lefebvre as Dylan
Nadia Tereszkiewicz as Océane
Yoann Zimmer as Joe
Alice Carel as Sonia
Sandrine Salyères as Coumba
Jitka Grekova as Ivanka
Elisa Delorme as Talia
Yoann Jouneau as Pierre
Samuel Judes as Kevin
Jean-François Lenogue as Videur 1
Stephen Scardicchio as Videur 2
Benoît Mallet as Donovan
Moussa Sako as Thierry
Louison Dequesnes as Steven