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Between the Seasons

Country: South Korea, Language: Korean, 98 mins

  • Director: Junsik Kim
  • Writer: Junsik Kim

CGiii Comment

Hae-soo is a woman with a past, moving to a new city for a fresh start. She becomes the owner of a simple café where high school student Ye-jin is hired on a part-time basis. Fate pushes the two women together, and a friendship develops that brings a spark of life back to Hae-soo. Soon it becomes clear that both have their secrets, and are cautiously guarded about revealing their truth to anyone. This extraordinary tale about a love affair between a trans and a lesbian avoids melodrama; the film slowly blossoms into a touching and thoughtful story about tolerance and self-acceptance.


Cast & Characters

Eungyeong Jeong
Youngmin Kim
Ha-Nee Oh
Youngzin Rie
Hyeri Yoon