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Germany, German, 119 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Tom Tykwer
  • Writer: Tom Tykwer
  • Producer: Stefan Arndt

CGiii Comment

Refreshingly mature...both in character and content.
Unrefreshingly gimmicky...
This is a table-turning tale...the stereotypically selfish bisexual is no more...
There is even a whiff of bisexual loneliness...a rarity indeed.
The '3' are all suffering from mid-life crises or they have all had a jolly good dose of hormone replacement therapy...much bonking takes place amid a land of love and longing for change - deftly handled by Tykwer.
The resolution is, indeed, mature and rather elegant...it may even leave a smile upon your face.

A fine drama - despite the gimmicks.


The(ir) Blurb...

A Berlin-set drama centered on a 40-something couple who, separately, fall in love with the same man.

Cast & Characters

Sophie Rois as Hanna;
Sebastian Schipper as Simon;
Devid Striesow as Adam;
Annedore Kleist as Lotte;
Angela Winkler as Hildegard;
Alexander Hörbe as Dirk;
Winnie Böwe as Petra;
Hans-Uwe Bauer as Dr. Wissmer;
Peter Benedict as Boninger;
Georgette Dee as Schauspielerin im Theaterstück

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