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Exquisite Corpses

USA, English, 95 mins

  • Director: Temístocles López
  • Writer: Temístocles López
  • Producer: Temístocles López; Ken Schwenker

CGiii Comment

Be warned...they don't come much worse than this...

Think: Midnight Cowboy, Cabaret, Hamlet and Victor/Victoria mixed with Quaaludes, madness and a shoe-string budget

A cowboy arrives in the Big Apple with nothing but the cowboy clothes he stands up in...and, a trombone.

During the vicious opening song, he's mugged and then duly dumped by his girlfriend...after a mishap with some dog poop, he meets a gay casting director...his world changes! He stars in his very own cabaret!

Look...this is so bad that - in places - it's actually very funny...if your loaded with the aforementioned Quaaludes...as the director - obviously - was.

It's a difficult film to get a hold of...and, if you do manage to come across a copy in some derelict, back-street, second-hand video shop...ask yourself what you are doing in such a shop anyway?

A film for the curiously curious only.

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

Attractive young cowboy, new to the city meets a gay casting agent.

Cast & Characters

Carolyn Beauchamp;
John Bethune as Wise Derelict;
Brian Catton as Thug;
Daniel Chapman as Joe;
Kori Clarke as Swindler;
Ruth Collins as Sue;
Robert DiTillio as Policeman;
David Ilku as Jim;
Paul Klementowicz as Demented Thug;
Gary Knox as Tim Lee;
Michael Lawrence as Guitarist with Jim onstage;
Nina Lo Bianco;
Robert Lund as Club Owner;
Zoe Lund as Belinda Maloney;
Robert Maloney as SoHo Artist

From the same director:

Chain of Desire

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