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We're So Young

Brazil, English, 105 mins

Original Title

Somos Tão Jovens
  • Director: Antonio Carlos da Fontoura
  • Writer: Victor Atherino; Marcos Bernstein
  • Producer: Antonio Carlos da Fontoura; Leticia Fontoura

CGiii Comment

The first thing you will notice...the acting (by all) is atrocious.

The second...the writing is horrific.

The third...the lack of credible direction.

The fourth...the cacophonous music.

Perhaps Renato Russo deserved better, considering his inexplicable success...he was as punk as limp lettuce...and, according to this film, just as unpleasant.

A terrible film.


The(ir) Blurb...

The life of Renato Manfredini Júnior, Brazilian musician, from his first involvement with music, to his years in the punk rock band Aborto Alétrico, to the formation of Legião Urbana, in the rock scene of 70's/80's Brasilia.

Cast & Characters

Thiago Mendonca as Renato Russo;
Laila Zaid as Ana Claudia;
Bruno Torres as Fe Lemos;
Daniel Passi as Flavio Lemos;
Sandra Corveloni as D. Carminha;
Marcos Breda as Dr. Renato;
Bianca Comparato as Carmem Teresa;
Conrado Godoy as Marcelo Bonfa;
Nicolau Villa-Lobos as Dado Villa-Lobos;
Sergio Dalcin as Petrus

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