August Events...

  • Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
  • Birmingham SHOUT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • California Independent Film Festival
  • East Village Queer Film Festival
  • Edinburgh International Television Festival
  • Fantasia Festival
  • FilmPride
  • Flame Con
  • Florida Film Festival
  • Glasgow Short Film Festival
  • Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival
  • Houston Qfest
  • Locarno International Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival
  • Macon Film Festival
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Molodist: Kyiv International Film Festival
  • Norwegian International Film Festival
  • ORLANDO: identity, relationships, opportunities
  • Outfest - L.A.
  • Outshine Film Festival - Virtual
  • Rainbow Reel Tokyo
  • Sarajevo Film Festival
  • The Palace International Film Festival
  • Vancouver Queer Film Festival
  • ​​Brighton Rocks International Film Festival
Outshine Film Festival - Virtual

Outshine Film Festival - Virtual

Thursday, 20 August 2020 until Sunday, 30 August 2020

The Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, is a critically acclaimed event based in Fort Lauderdale and screens films and videos in locations throughout Broward county.

MiFo is committed to its mission: To inspire, entertain and educate the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience.


2020 films...

Thursday, August 20th 2020

Stage Mother

Friday, August 21st 2020

Breaking Fast

Margin of Error (Margen de Error)

Dry Wind (Vento Seco)

A Stormy Night (Una noche de tormenta en Nueva York)

Saturday, August 22nd 2020

Letters to Eloisa

House of Cardin

It's Ladies' Night...And the Feeling's Right! Ladies' Shorts Package

The Mistress (la Amante)
Patricia Cruz, 11 mins, Puerto Rico, 2019

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
During her husband's funeral, Maritere receives an unexpected visit from Angela, whose presence re-awakens feelings from the past.

Sophie Saville, 8 mins, Australia, 2020

A socially anxious young woman lands a hot date. There’s only one problem, she's not sure if it's actually a date.

Caroline Bento, 19 mins, France, 2020

French w/ English Subtitles
Eve is a lesbian and Drag-King and is basically content with herself and life in general. There is only one thing missing that is keeping her from being truly happy: she is longing for her father to accept her as she is.

Were You Gay in High School?
Niki Ang, 13 mins, USA, 2019

Karen and Niki open up about their uncomfortable, coming-of-age teenage moments by finding commonalities in their stories and learning about the people they used to be. They reminisce about the boyfriends they didn’t like kissing and the straight-girls who were definitely flirting with them. Told through live-action and animation, the stories shared are both cringe worthy and silly, hilarious and painful.

Cwch Deilen
Efa Blosse-Mason, 7 mins, UK, 2020

Welsh w/ English Subtitles
Learning to love someone can be scary, but it can also lead to the most marvelous adventure. With a striking illustrative style, writer/director Efa Blosse-Mason tells the story of Heledd and Celyn who navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship. Facing vulnerability and a sea monster, the lover’s odyssey tests the strength of their Leaf Boat. Through the bewitching power of 2D animation this film explores the internal worlds of the characters emotions which are visualized through seasons and stormy seas.

Sylvain Certain, 5 mins, France, 2020

French w/ English Subtitles
Elsa must go to her grandmother to make a revelation which will upset her.

I Know Her
Fawzia Mirza, 3 mins, USA, 2019

In the afterglow of a seemingly fated hookup, two women realize that perhaps they have a little too much in common.

Ivan Löwenberg, 18 mins, Mexico, 2019

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
Arcelia and Lulu have been together and away from their families for many decades. Now that they are old, they only depend on each other and no one else. In another part of the city, Julian struggles to explore his identity while living under the umbrella of his conservative mother and macho minded grandfather. A sudden event will draw an unexpected path between Arcelia and the young Julian.

Jamie Weston, 18 mins, UK, 2019

A heartwarming love story between two Land Army girls during World War II that spans over six decades. A partly silent film accompanied by a beautiful score and starring BAFTA award-winning actresses Miriam Margolyes and fifties film legend Virginia Mckenna, Wings will have you flying high!

Douze Points

First Blush

Tu Me Manques

My Father Marianne (Min Pappa Marianne)

Sunday, August 23rd 2020

Surviving the Silence: The Untold Story Of Two Women In Love Who Helped Change Military Policy

It's Raining Men...Hallelujah! Men's Shorts Package-1

After That Party
Caio Scot, 15 mins, Brazil, 2019

Portuguese w/ English Subtitles
Leo never imagined he would see his dad kissing another man in the middle of a party… until it happened. Now, with the help of his best friend Carol, he has to find a way to tell his dad that he found out about his secret.

The Fall
Shannon Anderson, 12 mins, Australia, 2020

A poetic and reflective short film about the strength and vulnerability required in both boxing and relationships. The film, guided by the voice and memory of Aydin, explores a time in his teens when a controversial relationship blooms with his boxing trainer, Asher. Spanning three decades, The Fall explores gendered expectations of strength, poeticism and love, with Aydin represented as a boy, teen and older man.

Beauty Boys
Florent Gouelou, 18 mins, France, 2019

French w/ English Subtitles
Seventeen year-old Leo lives in a small village and has a strong taste for make-up. His big brother, Jules, fears to be laughed at and stands against his brother’s passion. On the night of the open stage, Leo shows up in full drag...

Don’t Frighten the Horses
Yannis Zafeiriou, 8 mins, USA, 2020

Jesse desperately wants to hold Derek's hand, but he soon remembers that a bus stop is not a safe space for public displays of queer affection. A suggestive glance between them becomes more than they bargained for. True love takes courage, but in LA no one is braver than a gay who eats carbs.

The Cypher
Letia Solomon, 15 mins, USA, 2020

With his reputation and a potential record deal on the line, Khalil confronts his opponent and defends his secret during a freestyle competition.

The Graffiti (La Graffiti)
Aurélien Laplace, 10 mins, France, 2019

French w/ English Subtitles
There’s confusion in the city this morning as someone sprayed graffiti on the wall of a historical monument! The two main people concerned, the Mayor and Dr. Robin, will have some explaining to do in this comedy of errors.

The Act
Thomas Hescott, 18 mins, UK, 2020

1965. On the eve of decriminalization for acts of male homosexuality, Matthews, a young gay man at odds with the world, discovers love, sex and a family in the backstreets and underground bars of Soho.

Andrey Volkashin, 20 mins, Macedonia, 2020

Macedonian w/ English Subtitles
A bitter-sweet story about an unusual friendship between a nine-year-old daredevil and an eccentric gay man challenged by the prejudices and hatred of the parents in this small, remote Macedonian town.

Defiant Souls (Insumisas)

Twilight’s Kiss (Suk Suk)

Family Members (Los Miembros de la Familia)

Monday, August 24th 2020


The Sound of Identity

Skeleton in the Closet (Todos Tenemos un Murrysville en el Placard o un Hook en el Closet)

Tuesday, August 25th 2020

Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes (Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos)



Wednesday, August 26th 2020

The Goddess of Fortune (La de Fortuna)

The Capote Tapes

A Worm in the Heart

Thursday, August 27th 2020

Los Fuertes (The Strong Ones)

Ahead of the Curve


Friday, August 28th 2020

Give or Take

Ellie and Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt)

The Acrobat (L’Acrobate)



Saturday, August 29th 2020

TRANSformations Trans' Shorts Package

Making Samantha
T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper, 10 mins, USA, 2020

“I Am Samantha," by singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, was inspired by his friend, Samantha Williams. Directors T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper gathered 27 trans actors to make the music video and to tell the story of the universal human journey to find identity, acceptance and love.

Vuelta el Sol
Judith Corro, 7 mins, Panama, 2020

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
It's César's birthday and his only wish is to have peace of mind, but his parents expect César to wear clothes that make him feel uncomfortable. César has to make a decision, continue to please his family's expectations or be true to his identity as a trans man.

Krishna Ombwiri
Claire Doyon, 12 mins, France, 2019

French w/ English Subtitles
Krishna became a woman again. Over the water, she remembers and tells us. The spirits of the river watch.

Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen, 14 mins, Norway, 2019

Norwegian w/ English Subtitles
15-year-old Youtuber activist Jo longs to be a name in Social Media. He is discovered by Astrid, a commercial photographer. At a photo shoot they both cross a line, longing for exposure.

Butterflies in Berlin
Monica Manganelli, 30 mins, Germany, 2019

English and German & Italian w/ English Subtitles
For the first time in cinema, a story about the Holocaust and gender identity together. Alex moves to Berlin in 1933 during the Weimar Republic period. Looking for his place in the world and his sexual identity, he becomes the first out-of-surgery transsexual in history. That happens unfortunately during the National-Socialism rise, a social disruption that turned the capital of sexual freedom into the most repressed country of all times.

Steelers: The World’s First Gay Rugby Team

Where the Men Are - Men's Shorts Package-2

Last Summer with Uncle Ira
Gary Jaffe & Katie Ennis, 13 mins, USA, 2020

Summer, 1991. Before he leaves for his last year at summer camp, closeted teenager Daniel is nudged by his mother Rachel to share a moment and a glass of lemonade with his Uncle Ira who is dying of complications from HIV/AIDS. Ira wants to talk about their shared identity together before time runs out, but Daniel may not be ready to take that step.

Álvaro Vicario, 10 mins, Spain, 2019

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
José faces a paranormal event that breaks into his home. As he fights for his life against the supernatural powers, Jose will have to discover the secret behind the phenomena if he wishes to regain control of his home.

Short Calf Muscle
Victoria Warmerdam, 13 mins, Netherlands, 2020

Dutch w/ English Subtitles
Anders is different. However, after an appointment at the physical therapist’s office, Anders finds he is viewed even more uniquely than he ever imagined. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he is gay. The following 24 hours are about to be quite interesting.

Blow Job
Jeffrey Braverman, 40 secs, USA 2020

A business lunch takes an unexpected turn of events.

I Bleed (Sangro)
Tiago Minamisawa & Bruno H Castro & Guto BR, 7 mins, Brazil, 2020

Portuguese w/ English Subtitles
Inspired by a true story, I Bleed is the intimate confession of a person living with HIV and the whirlwind of emotions that come along with it. This animated film tries to demystify issues that to this day persist in society’s imagination about the virus.

Daisy Stenham, 12 mins, UK, 2019

Set in the undisclosed future where advanced technology means less privacy, we meet Nathan who is rapt with grief on the morning his Chief Happiness Officer is dispatched to help him.

Christian Rojas, 18 mins, Ecuador, 2020

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
At the Chigualo festival, the death of Jesus is celebrated during this day when God does not look at the sins of the people. Manu, a ten year-old indigenous boy from the Ecuadorian coast, will use this day to reveal his true desire.

Our Place Together
Clay Marshall Pruitt, 18 mins, USA, 2020

Two young husbands retreat to their favorite camping spot to hash out some life-altering news and the ramifications it will have on their marriage and their future together.

Eric Rosen, 15 mins, USA, 2019

Peter Sardovski is obsessed with political assassinations. He can’t shake a nightmare that a current LGBT candidate is at risk, and despite warnings to the contrary Peter posts a video comparing his dream to the murder of MLK. The backlash is fierce and brutal. With his husband and 2-year-old son in protective hiding, Peter must confess the secret that has led to him being canceled - a revelation that threatens his marriage and his future. But darker forces are manipulating Peter in ways he can’t understand, leading to news that his dream may actually have been a premonition.





Sunday, August 30th 2020


T11 Incomplete

South Florida Speaks - Shorts Program

Maria Paula Arboleda, 15 mins, USA, 2020

English and American Sign Language w/ English Subtitles
An aspiring writer starts to doubt her relationship as she relives past memories through her writing.

Is That All There Is?
Chris Molina, 6 mins, USA, 2019

Chris Molina copes with a breakup by recreating childhood memories at Disney World, attempting to see if the magic and wonder really is lost forever.

Nicholas Horne, 8 mins, USA, 2019

Lee is a young girl who has a strained relationship with her father. Fortunately, she gets along with her older brother, Kendrick. Some time has passed since the two have seen each other. One day, Lee encounters an issue and needs Kendrick. The two have always been too stubborn for their own good, yet they have always been truthful to one another. This might give Lee the extra push to accomplish her goals, including accepting her sexuality.

Sal + Vinny
Lucia Plaza, 10 mins, USA, 2019

Two mobsters are punished by a ruthless boss.

Caro Comes Out
Brit Fryer & Caro Hernandez, 12 mins, USA, 2019

Caro Comes Out is an experiment... but it's also a comedy... but it's also a short film about coming out to your entire Cuban family.

Perfectly Frank
Dan Hunt, 11 mins, USA, 2020

Perfectly Frank is a short documentary chronicling the life of Frank Vilardi, a retired accountant from Long Island who after being married for nearly 50 years came out in his late 60's.

Open Dialogues: Stories From the LGBTQ Communities
Freddy Rodriguez, 20 mins, USA, 2019

This short documentary film draws upon the coming-out narratives of seven Broward residents. Each was interviewed on camera and spoke openly about their respective coming-out journey. The topics covered include how acceptance of self is the first step in expecting acceptance from others, overcoming rejection based on gender or sexual identity, and the role of spirituality in the LGBTQ community.

Single Street (Singel 39)