November Events...

  • (S)exhibition
  • Festival Les Bisqueers Roses
  • Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival
  • OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival
  • Queer Media Festival
  • Raindance Film Festival
  • Stamped: Pensacola LGBT Film Festival
  • TransFormations Film Festival
Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Saturday, 21 November 2020 until Saturday, 05 December 2020

The Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is the longest running LGBT film festival in Asia. We are a registered non-profit society seeking to promote equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination against sexual minority groups in Hong Kong through cinematic works of art. We program films with a wide range of LGBT topics from Hong Kong and across the world.

HKLGFF is celebrating its 31st year in 2020. Last year, we celebrated our big 30th by opening up submissions for short films of all genres. It was quite a success and we have decided to continue with this new tradition!

Best Short Film Jury Award
Best Short Film Audience Award


2020 films...

Your Name Engraved Herein

Two of Us (Deux)

Dating Amber

Welcome to Chechnya

Miss Andy


No Body

Dangerous Drugs of Sex (Sei no Gekiyaku)

The Goddess of Fortune


No Hard Feelings

International Girl Shorts - Home – Abroad

The Way We Are **
Director: Amanda Ann-Min Wong
Canada / 2020 / 16 mins / Documentary
In English with English subtitles

Composed of audio interviews with four queer Asian women in Canada, this short documentary compares the past with the present, revisiting the real-lived experiences of different generations.

Fish Head **
Director: Grace Tan
Australia / 2019 / 10 mins / Drama
In English

An alienated teen on the cusp of womanhood must find solace in an alternate coming of age, where lines of gender dissolve by the surrounds of the sea.

Director: Nicolas Greinacher
Switzerland / 2019 / 14 mins / Drama
In English, Persian, and Swiss-German with English subtitles

Ayaneh, who now lives in Switzerland, is a young refugee from Afghanistan. One day at a public swimming pool, she meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.

Boarding Room (Habitación de Embarque)
Director: María Nieto Navarro
Spain / 2020 / 23 mins / Drama
In Spanish with English subtitles

Carla goes through her memories to find out if she has made the best decision: follow her own path or that of her loved one.

Goodnight, Stargazer
Director: Adriano Rudiman
UK, Indonesia / 2020 / 19 mins / 科幻片 Science Fiction
In English with English subtitles

Two astronauts are on their way home after a long journey. As they encounter damage to their ship and oxygen is running out, one of them has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

International Queer Shorts - Self and Liberty

Director: Chun-Yu Chang, Gao Hong
Taiwan / 2019 / 30 mins / Drama
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chinese and English subtitles
A girl called Zhang Ya-Ting wants to change her name. A boy called Hong Jia-Hao intends to end his relationship with his sex buddy. The young generation cries out in frustration in this era when sexuality and self-identity have become uncategorisable.

Director: Hanxiong Bo
USA / 2020/ 17 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles

Disguised as a girl, growing up during the era of the one-child policy in China, Yan struggles to make sense of his gender identity and grapples with the conservative world that surrounds him.

Wrestling Blues *
Director: Yarli Allison
UK, Hong Kong / 2019 / 6 mins / Experimental
In Cantonese with Cantonese and English subtitles

In this blue wrestling ring, no one seems to be living in reality. Their minds enter a deeper consciousness which explores the sexual and suicidal propensities of the human mind.

We Are Dancers
Director: Joe Morris
UK / 2019 / 30 mins / Drama
In German and English with English subtitles

Berlin 1933 - the day after the Reichstag fire - drag queen Hansi Sturm, devastated by his lover's betrayal, must come to terms with the violently changing times while facing Nazi persecution.

Out on the Inside: Transgender Women Share Stories From a California Prison**
Director: Monica Lam
USA / 2020 / 10 mins / Documentary
In English

At a men's prison in Vacaville, California, about two dozen transgender women have been learning to live side-by-side with more than 2000 cisgender men. They have also had to fight to express their identity under grim circumstances.

International Gay SHORTS- HOOKING UP

Listening In*
Director: Omer Sterenberg
Jerusalem / 2019 / 11 mins / Drama
In Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

A young soldier in the Intelligence Unit is intrigued by a Palestinian gay couple and begins to spy on them. But his emerging feelings conflict with his duties as a soldier, and he must make a difficult decision.

Sunshine in the Ruins *
Director: Chou Yu-Cheng
Taiwan / 2020 / 11 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles

During a group tour around a hundred-year-old village, Zih Sin and Sheng Ya grow bored and wander off on their own journey of discovery.

Going My Home *
Director: Shin Jong-hun
South Korea / 2019 / 26 mins / Drama
In Korean with English subtitles

HIV-positive Yong-geun returns to his hometown to celebrate his father's birthday. When he meets a stranger at a motel, an emotional journey begins.

1-1 **
Director: Naures Sager
Sweden / 2020 / 6 mins / Comedy
In Swedish and Arabic with English subtitles

Ayman's sex date with Jonas gets crashed by his friends Amirah and Samir, driving the night in an unexpected direction.

Good Night*
Director: Eric Shahinian
USA / 2019 / 10 mins / Drama
In English with English subtitles

Newly out of the closet, Armenian heartthrob Aram brings Jason back to his apartment – and tests his personal limits like never before.

Who Can Predict What Will Move You **
Director: Livia Huang
USA / 2019 / 9 mins / Drama
In English with English subtitles

Two young men spend one last dreamlike night together in Brooklyn. After a game of basketball, they reveal their feelings under the lights of a karaoke booth.

Wai(s)t *
Director: Titouan Le Gouis
France / 2019 / 13 mins / Drama
In French with English subtitles

With pressure from his father to become a future diving champion, and a teammate who thinks of him as just another one-night stand, Theo is determined to demonstrate who he truly is.