February Events...

  • !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival
  • (S)exhibitions
  • Athena Film Festival
  • Belgrade International Film Festival
  • Corvallis Queer Film Festival
  • Dublin International Film Festival
  • Festival des Images aux Mots
  • Festival Massimadi
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • LGBT New Renaissance Film Festival - Amsterdam
  • Mardi Gras Film Festival
  • Oscars: Academy Awards
  • OUTsider Film & Arts Festival
  • Palante Film Festival
  • The Pride LGBT Film Festival: Portsmouth
  • True/False Film Festival
  • ZagrebDox
  • Zinegoak Bilbao International GLT Film Festival
Glasgow Film Festival

Glasgow Film Festival

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 until Sunday, 03 March 2019

"Every filmmaker should experience a Glaswegian audience!"

- Mark Montefiore

Established in 2005, GFF has soldified into one of the most important and audacious festivals in Europe...if not the world.



So...how LGBT-film-friendly is the GFF? Well, we are pleased to say...very!

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Some of the Films...

  • Papi Chulo
  • Are You Proud?
  • José
  • Making Montgomery Clift
  • Benjamin
  • Maria by Callas
  • White Crow (The)
  • Real Love
  • Girl
  • Third Wife (The)
  • Border
  • Genesis
  • Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (The)
  • Tell It to the Bees