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Pride: Bloomington's LGBTQ Film Festival

Pride: Bloomington's LGBTQ Film Festival

Friday, 01 February 2019 until Saturday, 02 February 2019

PRIDE is a Bloomington, IN film festival exploring a wide variety of issues and situations involving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities. PRIDE programs a variety of live performance, lecture, public participation events and films that express a wide range of viewpoints and feature many different personality types and situations, advocating community-wide attitudes of awareness, acceptance and appreciation of diversity. The goal of the festival is to educate and strengthen the local community and celebrate artistic talent and achievement.


2019 films...

Missed Connections

DIRECTOR Michelle Sam
15 min / USA

Two strangers meet and form a bond at a festival, but they forget to exchange contact info. As they search for one another in the real world, their posts go viral, as they navigate their careers, lives, and societyʼs expectations of them as Black, femme, and transgender.


DIRECTOR Wanuri Kahiu
83 min / Kenya

”Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives,” but Kena and Ziki long for something more. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety.

Con Paquito Era Mejor

DIRECTOR Adán Pichardo
5 min / Spain

Carmelo thinks that “with Paquito it was better.” He moves (against his will) to the house of his daughter and son-in-law. Carmelo will continually reflect his frustrations, provoking a crazy and unsustainable situation.

Violet and June

DIRECTOR Linnea Ritland
6 min / Canada

You know that feeling when you realize that everyone you know is going to die and so nothing you do will ever be of consequence in comparison to the movements of the universe and then you accidentally fall in love with your best friend? …Yeah, me neither.

Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)

DIRECTOR Márcio Reolon, Filipe Matzembacher
118 min / Brazil

While facing criminal charges, Pedro must grapple with his sister’s sudden decision to move away and leave him behind. Set in Brazil’s southern city of Porto Alegre, the film focuses on the socially repressed young man who only comes out of his shell during chatroom performances, when he strips and smears neon paints on his body.


DIRECTOR Ayerim Villanueva
22 min / Costa Rica

Elena is a 17 year old teenager who has doubts about her sexuality. She lives with her grandmother who is a repressive and hard-to-please religious woman and in the midst of it all, her cousin Julia appears at her house, bringing new airs to her life and awakening Elena's need to discover herself.

Bobbi and Sheelagh

DIRECTOR Barb Taylor
5 min / Canada

Bobbi meets a mythological creature whose ancient battle for acceptance helps Bobbi overcome her own fears of being herself - a young lesbian.


5 min / Canada

DAUGHTER explores an immigrant mother's pain and worry about her transgender daughter and examines the perspective of a mother who may not understand her daughter, but cares for her deeply. The film celebrates transgender resistance, gender nonconformity, and the strength of the immigrant family across language and cultural boundaries.

OUT on the Streets

17 min / USA

For the estimated 40% of homeless youth in America who identify as LGBTQ, embracing their true identity often meant that they must also struggle to live on the streets. Jason and Luis, two young gay men in Chicago, face this reality head-on in their personal journeys to self-acceptance.

Forget Me Not

DIRECTOR Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
7 min / Spain

Irene and Luisa, two 70-year-old women, go to a cemetery to visit their deceased relatives. A series of coincidences will cause their paths to cross.

Primavera en Rosa Espana

DIRECTOR Mario de la Torre
20 min / Spain

Being young and LGBTI is not easy in Spain. Despite being one of the best countries to be LGBTI, they continue to suffer harassment in educational centers by their peers. The ignorance of the real problems of these children only increases their suffering.

Primavera de Fernanda

DIRECTORS Estevan de la Fuente; Débora Zanatta
8 min / Brazi

A possibility arises in Fernanda’s life for her to reconstruct her own image. This happens because of a job offer that awakens in her the affection she had for her mother during childhood. But Fernanda, who is always having to negotiate her identity with the outside world, will go through yet another test.


DIRECTOR Christiaan Olwagen
120 min / South Africa

Drafted during apartheid by the South African Army, Johan Niemand’s love for Boy George and Depeche Mode lands him a spot in the SADF Choir called the ‘Canaries’. Against a landscape where law and religion oppress individuality, Johan and the Canaries have to survive military training and go on a nationwide tour of the country, entertaining people whilst fortifying the belief in the military effort and promoting the cause of both Church and State.


15 min / USA

Max, a young gay man, is recently out and struggling to settle into his queer identity.  Shot in Bloomington, Indiana, the film follows Max as he navigates the early years of adulthood and begins to find his place in the local queer subculture.

Three Centimeters

DIRECTOR Lara Zeidan
9 min / UK, Lebanon

Four teenage girls find their friendship put to the test while suspended high above Beirut on a Ferris wheel. As secrets are revealed and tensions rise, this claustrophobic drama culminates in an unexpected confession.


DIRECTOR Ondi Timoner
102 min / USA

An intimate portrait of the celebrated yet controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (Matt Smith) whose relationship with Patti Smith and other icons of ‘70s New York influenced his ambitious photos while he explored his emerging sexuality.

The Shiva Callers

DIRECTOR Emi Schaufeld
11 min / USA

When a closeted woman’s girlfriend shows up unexpectedly to her grandfather’s shiva, she must do anything in her power to stop her family from finding out.


DIRECTOR David Velduque
7 min / Spain

It's Friday night. The bell rings and Alex opens the door to the worst of his fears.

Two in the Bush: A Love Story

DIRECTOR Laura Madalinski
97 min / USA

After losing her job, Emily arrives home early from work to find her girlfriend in the throes of passion with someone else. In an instant, her entire life is turned upside down. Moving in with her best friend, Emily lands a new gig working for a dominatrix, and promptly falls for her new boss, and her boss’s boyfriend. In this wise and witty look at the world of bisexuality, polyamory, and dungeons, Two in the Bush asks us to consider what risks are worth taking for love.