May Events...

  • ACID Cannes
  • British Urban Film Festival
  • Cinema Systers Film Festival
  • Cinépride Nantes
  • Dyke Drama
  • Encounters South African International Documentary Festival
  • Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival
  • Inside Out Toronto
  • International Women's Film Festival in Seoul
  • Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
  • Mix Mexico
  • National Queer Arts Festival
  • New York No Limits
  • Pink Loerie Mardi Gras
  • Queer Classics Film Festival
  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Sicilia Queer Filmfest
  • Sundance London
  • Sunny Bunny at Molodist
  • TLVFest
  • Transilvania International Film Festival
  • XPOSED International Queer Film Festival


Thursday, 31 May 2018 until Saturday, 09 June 2018

TLVFest, Tel Aviv’s International LGBT Film Festival is a unique annual event taking place each June at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. The festival offers public screenings of films with no Israeli distribution, meetings with local as well as foreign filmmakers, panel discussions and special events. The impressive program includes many exciting films while aspiring to enrich and empower tolerance and pluralism in Israeli society.

In addition to displaying worldwide cinema, the festival encourages Israeli original work, awarding Best Film in the competitive Israeli program and provides exposure and a public stage for local filmmakers. The festival runs the TLVFest Movie Club, a monthly screening and other cinema related events throughout the year. The festival purchases theatrical rights of selected LGBTQ international films, and distributes them in Israel.


Gala Screenings 2018…

120 BPM

In 1990’s Paris, protest group ACT UP campaigns for treatment for AIDS patients and fights against infection. Nathan, a newly-recruited member, is drawn to the uninhibited Sean. In between demonstrations and steamy parties, the two men enter into a touching love affair.


A Fantastic Woman

Marina, a Santiago-based transgender bar singer, seems to have gotten her life on track. Then her partner, Orlando, collapses in the middle of the night. She rushes him to hospital but leaves before the arrival of the transphobic authorities and of Orlando’s family, which is entirely unaware of her existence.


Amazing Grace

Yonatan moves to Tel-Aviv to be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. When Thomas, a mysterious man, comes back from New York for a visit, Yonatan is immediately smitten. Thomas, afraid of hurting the young man, is hiding a secret from Yonatan – he is terminally ill.


Far From Heaven

Cathy is a homemaker in the 1950’s, whose world collapses upon discovering that her husband is leading a double life. She becomes friends with their African-American gardener, which raises eyebrows in her conservative neighborhood. The film raises issues that are as relevant today as they were in mid-20th Century.


Gal Uchovsky Tribute: The Bar Mitzvah

The series, created by Gal Uchovsky and Ilan Peled, about two American gay tourists who travel to Israel to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah. They hope that the journey will allow him to come out of the closet. When he turns out to be straight, all hell breaks loose.


Love, Simon

Everyone deserves a big love story, but for 17-year-old Simon, things are pretty complicated in that respect: he is still in the closet, and is not 100% sure of the identity of the classmate he has fallen for online. The solution to both problems is funny, scary, and life-changing.


My Days of Mercy

Lucy and Martha travel the western United States, regularly attending demonstrations against the death penalty. At one demonstration, Lucy notices Mercy, the daughter of a police officer. One glance leads to a powerful, passionate relationship. Will their love be able to conquer the ideological rift between them?


Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This drama is based on the story of William Marston, who invented the lie detector and created Wonder Woman. In 1920, William and Elizabeth Marston are promising young scholars. Olive, a student, becomes their research assistant and life partner. The influence of William’s two muses will change their world forever.


Saturday Church

Ulysses is a shy, effeminate boy of 14, who keeps his gender identity a secret. He discovers that his local church holds Saturday evening meetings for LGBT teens, where he falls in love for the first time. When his aunt discovers his true identity, trouble soon follows.


The Heiresses

Chela and Chiquita have been together for years. When Chiquita is imprisoned due to debt, Chela is left on her own. Using their vintage car, she becomes a chauffeur to rich, elderly ladies. Driving to a client’s card party, she meets young Angy, and begins to re-discover her own will.


Tinta Bruta / Hard Paint

Pedro performs in erotic online chat rooms. He applies paint to his naked body, turning into his character of Neon Boy. One evening he realizes that someone is copying his act. He contacts his rival, agreeing to meet with him. This meeting will have a far-reaching impact on Pedro. (18+)


Official Competition 2018 – Narrative…


The film takes place during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s. Adrian returns to his Texas hometown for Christmas, keeping his family in the dark about his life in New York. After making amends with his brother and a childhood friend, he decides to reveal truth to his religious parents.



Manja is in love with free-spirited Louk. Their first encounter strikes Manja physically and spiritually. It begins with violence concludes with a tender kiss. The relationship between the two girls grows into a teen rebellion that allows distant, down-to-earth Manja to do things she has never dreamt she would do.


French Extreme

FRIG: The extreme feelings experienced by a man at the end of a relationship. The film contains three parts: love, shit, and semen.
Content includes dancing, singing, drama, body fluids, and pornography.


Malila, The Farewell Flower

Shane is the most handsome man in his village, yet his loved ones leave him one by one. Pitch is in love with Shane, but a terminal illness forces him to travel to Bangkok for treatment. Personal tragedies bring them together again for a few days of blissful serenity.



Marcos resides with his cattle-ranching family in a small village. Predators, both animal and human, are lurking around the family’s little piece of heaven. Marcos keeps a secret from his conservative, homophobic family: at night he puts makeup on, wears colorful dresses, and heads into town to party with his best friend.


River’s Edge

River’s Edge, which recounts the odd occurrences at a Japanese high school, begins with a naked boy falling out of a locker. The plot revolves around three friends: a gay boy who is the love object of all the girls; his best friend, and a teenage model suffering from bulimia.


Soldiers. Story from Ferentari

Adi is studying Roma pop music. He hires Alberto as a guide. Insolent, shameless, fond of alcohol and gambling, Alberto has spent most of his life behind bars. Against the backdrop of discrimination and ever-increasing social gaps, they develop a friendship that turns into an unexpected love story.


Official Competition 2018 – Documentary…

Bixa Travesty

Linn da Quebrada is a black trans woman and singer. In her songs she confronts Brazilian society’s machismo and heteronormative nature. Conversations with her friends and her mother reveal her softer side. Yet personal is always political; discussions of love easily turn into heated debates on racism and poverty.


Every Act of Life

Every Act of Life is a revealing portrait of the four-time Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally. The film depicts six decades of theater fame, participation in the struggle for LGBT rights, and overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. A host of Broadway divas and stars share their memories of the legendary writer.


Miss Rosewood

Miss Rosewood is the most outrageous performance artist today. She is a tall, imposing trans woman, yet is also a very sensitive and touching person, the kind of actor who lives for her art. Director Helle Jensen introduces us to the artist, her ex-wife, father, brother, colleagues, and plastic surgeon.


Mr. Gay Syria

Hussein is a 24-year-old Syrian refugee living in Istanbul. He keeps a major secret from his family: he is gay. To raise awareness within Syrian circles, Hussein decides to participate in the Mr. Gay Syria contest, and wins. Will he secure a visa to attend the international competition in Malta?


Obscuro Barroco

Rio de Janeiro is the city of dreams and nightmares. Director Evangelia Kranioti studies local queer culture, which only penetrates into mainstream society during the city’s famous carnival. Only then do the margins take part in the celebration, which has also become a public protest against the government.


Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

In the 1980’s, dissatisfaction with bourgeois aspects of LGBT liberation and with the overt masculinity of the Punk scene gave rise to Queercore. With an artist’s hand and at dazzling speed, Leyser describe the anarchist struggle that, for a single historic moment, saw punk and gay culture embrace each other.


Quiet Heroes

Films about the 1980’s AIDS epidemic focus on large cities; Silent Heroes tells the story of Dr. Kristen Ries and her partner, Maggie Snyder, who helped more than a thousand people in deeply-conservative Salt Lake City. The film features archive material alongside interviews with patients and with the two heroines.


Official Competition 2018 – International Short Films…

French Extreme

Director: Antony Hickling
Production: Optimale fr, Allen Film, Anton Hickling
France, 2018, 60 min., French and English with English subtitles
International Feature award.

The extreme feelings experienced by a man at the end of a relationship. The film contains three parts: love, shit, and semen.
Content includes dancing, singing, drama, body fluids, and pornography.
Director in attendance.

Furniture Porn Project
Director: Antoine Héraly
Producer: Martine Héraly
France, 2017, 10:30, silent

After watching this film, your view of your furniture will change entirely.
International Shorts Competition.

The Islands
Director: Yann Gonzalez
Producers: Emmanuel Chaumet, Yann Gonzalez
France, 2017, 24 min., French with English subtitles
Winner of the Queer Palm Award at Cannes 2017

A journey through an erotic maze of love and passion.
International Shorts Competition.

Queer Animation

I Like Girls
Director: Diane Obomsawin
Producer: Marc Bertrand
Canada, 2018, 8 min., English, no subtitles
Sundance 2018

Four women speak frankly about first love for another woman, feelings, disappointments, and a deeper understanding of their personal identity.

Director: Aharonit Elior
Producer: Karli Holdren
U.S., 2017, 5 min., English, no subtitles

A girl finds someone to light her fire.

Director: Calí dos Anjos
Producer: Bia Medeiros
Brazil, 2017, 09:47 min., Portuguese with English subtitles

On his profile, a transgender cartoonist shares the experiences of other trans people and the challenges they face.

Director & Producer: Chintis Lundgren
Canada/Croatia/Estonia, 2017, 12 min., English, no subtitles
Sundance 2018

Manivald is a 33-year-old unemployed fox who lives with his mother. He spends his days playing the piano, while she washes his socks. Their unhealthy relationship is about to collapse when the washing machine breaks down and a werewolf comes to fix it.

A Story About a Bear Who Wanted to be a Horse
Director & Producer: Calvin Brett
Canada, 2017, 03:18 min., English, no subtitles

A transformative travel story: a young boy tells an animation artist about the bear who wanted to be a horse.

The Decision of Riley
Director & Producer: Yue Xia
U.K., 2017, 03:39 min., English, no subtitles

Riley, born with a female body, has always been confused about her gender identity. One day, she discovered a simple way to change gender.

Natalie D.
Director: Angele Beraud
France, 2017, 05:25 min., French with English subtitles

This is a very short love story between the one who loves and the other, who is loved.

Breaking Glam
Director & Producer: Pavi Meiyappan
Canada, 2017, 01:40 min., English, no subtitles

A bear cub creates online makeup tutorials.

Director: Renato Duque
Producer: Mariana Vieira
Brazil, 2017, 15 min., Portuguese with English subtitles

Luna sees someone drowning at the ocean, and starts to question herself: should she use her powers and become a superhero?

The B Shorts

Director & Producer: Yura Katynsky
Cast: Max Kryshenko, Alexander Bodner

A man comes back to his home town, where he meets with his old friends.

Morning After
Director & Producer: Patricia Chica
Cast: Thomas Vallières, Kristian Hodko
Canada, 2017, 15 min., English, no subtitles

A sensual game between friends forces them to confront deep conflicts within themselves that lead to a powerful awakening.

Director: Dany Campos
Producer: Juan Poveda
Cast: Gema Galiana Alfredo Zamora
Spain, 2017, 22 min., Spanish with English subtitles

Frida receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend. She meets him in the hope of reviving their relationship, but she is in for a surprise.

Elwood Takes a Lover
Director: John Ira Palmer
Producers: Gracie Corapi, John Ira Palmer
Cast: Sarah Lily, Warren Sweeney
U.S., 2018, 16 min., English, no subtitles

A dying woman decides to locate the man she thinks is her husband’s first love.

Taste of Love
Director: Paul Scheufler
Cast: Mirjam Hameter, Georg Rauber
Austria, 2017, 4:32 min., English, no subtitles

A girl goes on a journey to discover the taste of love. Is it sweet, sour, bitter, or salty?

The G shorts

Doppelgänger Memorandum
Director & Producer: Clark Nikolai
Canada, 2017, 6 min., English, no subtitles

A film score composer is distracted by a haunted video monitor.

Director: Daniel Nolasco
Producers: Aline Mazzarella, Daniel Nolasco, Matheus Peçanha, Thiago Yamachita
Cast: Norval Berbari, Leandro José
Brazil, 2017, 18 min., Portuguese with English subtitles

A man in his fifties, living in a small Brazilian town, discovers his sexuality.

Dylan Dylan
Director: Sylvain Coisne
Producer: Marthe Lamy, Jeanne Ezvan
Cast: Mathieu Dahan, Vincent Marie
France, 2017, 18 min., French with English subtitles

Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s foster son, passed away a few months ago. The two men struggle to understand each other’s emotions. Confronting their loss seems impossible.

Men Don’t Whisper
Director: Jordan Firstman
Producer: Sarah Winshall
Cast: Charles Rogers, Jordan Firstman
U.S., 2018, 21 min., English, no subtitles

The comedy that took Sundance and SXSW 2018 by storm.

Reese and Peyton attend a salesmen conference. They decide to prove their virility to each other by having sex with women attendees.

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday
Director: Travis Mathews
Producer: João Federici
Cast: Gustavo Vinagre, Ronaldo Serruya
Brazil, 2018, 22 min., Portuguese with English subtitles

Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently-deceased lover and learn about each other.

Wren Boys
Director: Harry Lighton
Producer: Sorcha Bacon
Cast: Fionn Walton, Lalor Roddy
U.K., 2018, 11 min., English, no subtitles

A short, powerful film that was nominated for the prestigious BAFTA in 2018, and screened at Sundance and SXSW festivals.

On the day after Christmas, a Catholic priest from Cork drives his nephew to prison.

The L Shorts

Love Letter Rescue Squad
Director & Producer: Megan Rossman
Featuring: Deborah Edel
U.S., 2017, 7 min., English, no subtitles

Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle founded the Lesbian History Archive, the world’s largest collection of materials created entirely by lesbians. More than 40 years later, Deborah, must consider the future of the archives.

Director: Maya Armon
Producer: Linda Pilkova
Cast: Ruth Schmiditova
Czech Republic, 2017, 08:16 min., Czech with English subtitles

A wrong decision changes the friendship between Anna and Linda.

Naughty Amelia Jane
Director: Risheeta Agrawal
Producers: Risheeta Agrawal, Vandana Agrawal
Cast: Maelika Hani Eberard, Peggy Eberhard
India/Czech Republic, 2017, 11:30 min., English, no subtitles

The story of two girls who may have had a relationship is a satire about society’s hypocrisy towards anything that contradicts the conventional social order.

Director & Producer: Gina Wenzel
Cast: Maelle Giovanetti, Gina Haller
Germany, 2017, 23:36, German with English subtitles

Laura is a confident young woman of the Y Generation. She exists without purpose or ideals. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura something to think about.

Would You Look at Her
Director: Goran Stolevski
Producers: Dimitar Minov, Tomi Salkovski
Cast: Sara Klimoska, Igor Angelov
Macedonia, 2018, 19 min., Macedonian with English subtitles

Winner of the Best International Short Film Award at the 2018 Sundance Festival.

A hardy, obstinate girl sees an all-male religious ritual as the unlikely solution to all of her problems.

Director, starring: Fabia Castro
Production: Runtun Films
Spain, 2017, 3 min., Spanish with English subtitles

Manuela is an actress willing to anything to get a role.

Director: Evangelina Montes
Producer: Mariana Villalva
cast: Pía Uribelarrea Silvia Geijo
Argentina, 2017, 14 min., Spanish with English subtitles
Adela, a solitary sixty-year-old woman, is the treasurer of a local club. Practically, she lives in the club spending her mornings and afternoons with her only friend Noemi. Christmas comes and with it memories of teenage times.

The T Shorts

Director & Producer: Paul Marques Duarte
Cast: Judikaël Gautier, Capucine de la Gorce
France, 2017, 5 min., French with English subtitles

Valentin, a 19-year-old boy, entered his dorm room for the first time. In a box he finds old pictures that remind him of his childhood.

Bathroom Rules
Director & Producer: Kat Hidalgo
Cast: Jonah Kaplun
Canada, 2017, 5 min., English, no subtitles

Charlie, a primary school student, goes to the toilet. What seems like the simplest of tasks for most of the kids at school is the exact opposite for Charlie.

Sununú: The Revolution of Love
Director & Producer: Olivia Crellin
Cast: Diane Rodriguez, Fernando Machado
U.K., 2017, 24 min., Spanish with English subtitles

A cinematic depiction of one love story. Diane Rodriguez is a trans woman and activist for LGBT rights in Ecuador. When her partner, Fernando Machado, becomes pregnant, the two become an international news item.

Push Pink
Director & Producer: Kai Tillman
Cast: T.C. Frost, Gerrin Mitchell
U.S., 2018, 08:53 min., English, no subtitles

A trans person’s conflict using the public restroom takes him on a journey to answer some unresolved questions.

Mum I’m back
Director & Producer: Dimitris Katsimiris
Cast: Eva Koumarianou
Greece, 2017, 5 min., Greek with English subtitles

After 40 years, a woman returns to visit her village. She holds a picture of her mother with her two small children and enters the cemetery.

Director: Marc-Antoine Lemire
Producers: Maria Gracia Turgeon, Marc-Antoine Lemire
Cast: Pascale Drevillon, Alex Trahan
Canada, 2017, 23 min., French with English subtitles

Alexa is a young trans girl and Karl is a young gay man who have been best friends for ages. One evening they decide to have sex for the first time.

Something About Alex
Director & Producer: Reinout Hellenthal
Cast: Maas Bronkhuyzen, Kay Greidanus
Netherlands, 2017, 18 min., Dutch with English subtitles

Alex, a 14-year-old boy, lives in a rural area where everyone considers him a freak. After the people closest to him leave the village, Alex is forced to reveal the issue that he cannot stop thinking about.

Director: David Ambrosini
Production: Associazione Culturale La Strada
Cast: Andrea Garofalo
Italy, 2017, 13 min., Italian with English subtitles

Arianna, a brilliant young transgender lawyer, is ready to start her dream work. However, she needs to pass a job interview first.

High School and Youth Competition

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Directors: Dana Cohen and Tomer Mana
Israel 2017, 8 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

A bunch of teenagers at a house party decide to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. When Dani gets into the closet with Shiran, she doesn’t realize she will also have to come out.

Meanwhile, Koren
Director: Mili Tibri, Yarin Bibas
Israel 2017, 8 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Koren, a young transsexual woman, discusses the long and difficult process of transformation she underwent, and the place where she is today – a normative, ordinary life.

Director: Shira Fischel
Israel 2018, 11 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Tom sets out on a journey to find a girl she met at a nightclub after being harassed by a man.

Director: Amitai Martin Rawlings
Israel 2017, 8 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

Momi is an unusual person. On the one hand he is a talented and charismatic dancer, who has performed on stages in Israel and across the world; on the other – he is caught in a constant search for his identity and is painfully alienated from his Family. Director Amitai Rawlings sets out to study the strong impression Momi has left on him from the first moment he met him, as a child.

An All-Nighter
Director: Etai Sharabi
Israel 2017, 8 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Two good friends are forced to spend the night locked in their cinema classroom. In the intimate quiet of the night the truth cannot remain hidden.

Come Home
Director: Omer Yefman and IGY  Haifa group
Israel 2017, 18 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Or, an 18-year-old girl, runs away from home after her mother discovers her ongoing romance with Shani, a girl from Tel Aviv.
Or feels unable to return home and so she decides to go to Shani. On her journey she meets various characters who reflect the true meaning of her decision.
The film was made with the NFCT,  IGY, and the LAHAV organization. (Out of the competition

Director: Noa Astanjelove
Israel 2017, 15 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Yishai is a teenager making his first steps in the world of drag. He faces challenges on his way, mainly the lack of approval by his parents. This is a story about passion and how difficult it is to make it come true.

Israeli Collection A – Confidentiality Agreement

Thinking Out Loud
Director: Ronnie Zidon
Israel 2017, 10 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

On the night of her break-up with her girlfriend, Shai is cursed with the opposite of mind-reading – everyone, including her legendary ex, can read her mind.

Our Way Back
Director: Moshe Rosenthal
Israel 2018, 26 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Uri, a 50-year old family man, is in a secret romantic relationship with Oded, a young man from their small town in the south of Israel. During a trip in the desert, the two are forced to deal with the tragic consequences of their relationship.

Director: Yair Fridman
Israel 2018, 32 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Fourteen-year old Hila, an empathic, sensitive girl, is trapped in an inappropriate relationship. At 26-year old Liat’s apartment, hidden from the eyes of the kibbutz, the two women are caught in an intense routine of night-time encounters. When Liat’s demands and manipulations escalate, Hila is shaken and attempts to get away.

Israeli Collection B – Couples Challenge

The (not-so) odd couple
Director: Omri Führer
Israel 2018, 27 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Omri and Amit are gay men in an open relationship. On Independence eve, just after Memorial Day, they must confront their relationship status.

Cupid Prefers a Sniper’s Rifle
Director: Inbar Marmelshtein
Israel 2017, 11 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Two hitmen are hired to kill each other and fall in love in the process. Will love conquer all?
(Out of the competition)

Two of every kind
Directors: Efrat Chen, Naor Zana, Neta Bar
Israel 2017, 8 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

The Deluge is one of the most colossal events in the history of mankind. Two of every kind, two of every living thing, went inside Noah’s ark in order to save themselves. Not many people know that among the animals was a pair of peacocks. The crisis between God and Man was nothing compared to the trouble the two males encountered when boarding the ark.
(Out of the competition)

What I’d wanted
Director: Cora Neiman
Israel 2018, 6 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Effie is hanging out with her boyfriend, Jonathan. Everything’s great, until he invites Dana, her “bestie”. Effie tries to stall, but their meeting in unavoidable. Effie escapes to the bathroom, Dana follows her. Together they come to understand what makes it so unbearable: Effie’s in love. With both.

In the Lair
Director: Raz Bdv
Israel 2018, 12 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Separations in a lesbian affair can be cyclical, repetitive, almost routine. Following their breakup, Doron arrives at Mali’s place to return a pot. Will the visit bring about a change?

Israeli Collection C – Reality Check

With this ring
Director: Natalie Gattegno
Israel 2017, 8 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

As Ronny, a bride on her wedding day, takes a break before the ceremony, Lilach drops in for a visit. The two women reminisce about their shared past. Gradually, the atmosphere intensifies. Just then, the groom’s mother is accidentally exposed to their moment of intimacy.

Ella’s Men
Director: Oren Adaf
Israel 2016, 19 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

This film moves between autobiography and fiction and male and female. Ella awaits her lover, nurses him, and dances for him.

Late in my life
Director: Ligal Mor
Israel 2017, 15 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Following her father’s death, Aline comes back to the kibbutz. She is now a strong transgender woman, but the encounter with the closed society where she grew up, and especially with her brother, proves to be contentious. Her brother is in denial about the changes she has gone through, and their meeting challenges their common memories.

Director: Uri Shachter
Israel 2016, 19 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

The identity of a young teenager is compromised by the announcement of his father’s homosexuality.

Dir: Yair Agmon & Tamar Kay
Israel 2018, 6 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

A documentary love portrait. Eze Raymond has never been able to approach other men. Today, at the age of 82, he spends his days in his small apartment in Tel Aviv, and longs for dreams that may never come true.

Israeli Collection D – Picking the Scabs

Director: Brit Barkat
Israel 2017, 16 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Two women celebrate their anniversary outdoors, along with their dog, Nala. They find themselves in a hidden grove on the edge of a beautiful lake. Slowly they give themselves up to nature and to each other, until they experience a shattering change in their relationship.

Director: Etamar Kadusheviz
Israel 2017, 7 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

A couple returns home after the stabbing at the 2015 Jerusalem Pride Parade. One of them decides that they must have sex.

Director: Michal Cohen
Israel 2017, 16 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Emily has difficulties communicating with other people and has no desire to do so. When a vibrant young stranger walks into Emily’s café the two are drawn to each other, but Emily has no idea how to connect to others.

Director: Yuval Aharoni
Israel 2016, 25 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Noam, a young gay guy, discovers that his father, who has just died, had a secret romance with another married man. He follows and meets that man. He now holds the key to his father’s secret.

Israeli Collection E – Searching in & out

Director: Lital Yosefi
Israel 2018, 20 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Twenty-year old Ran Henkapaya wants to change his gender. Despite the difficult experiences he has with his family and his surroundings, Ran insists on a positive outlook on life and being faithful to his path. The film follows Ran’s sex change process and his mental journey towards acceptance and self-realization.

Director: Daniel Shalev
Israel 2018, 5 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

The story of Jack, a 12-year old transgender boy. Jack was born as a girl and was named Adi; at 11, he decided to change his gender. The film follows Jack’s journey and shows the reactions of his family, friends, and environment.

Director: Barak Cohen
Israel 2017, 11 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Leaving his house late at night for an encounter with a man he met online, Dan is confronted with questions about innocence and his own identity.

Director: Daniel Shiffman
Israel 2018, 12 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Lev, a 67-year old man, lives alone in his apartment, which is somewhat of a shrine dedicated to his late partner, Joseph. One evening, Lev invites Gilad, a young man he met online, to come over for a sexual encounter. The generation gap soon alters the nature of their meeting.

Director: Lior Soroka
Israel 2018, 21 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Tom, a young architect from Tel Aviv, accepts his partner Nimrod’s offer of a threesome with Or. The meeting with Or changes the couple’s relationship.

Israeli Collection F – Queer Experimental

Do Not Forsake Me
Director: Alon Reter
Israel 2017, 17 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Just a few steps from downtown Jerusalem is Independence Park. At night, the park transforms into an eccentric empire of prophets. Each character has a complex relationship with God, and all of them are seeking conversation and contact. Equipped with a small camera, the filmmaker walks among them, capturing moments of intimacy and alienation, looking into his own faith in the process.

War Room
Director: Ben Hantkant
Israel 2017, 15 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

In this total creation, Ben Hantkant performs all of the cinematic tasks to create a personal retrospective on the traumas he experienced during his military service as a homosexual soldier, while raising questions about gender.

Director: Netta Shalev
Israel 2018, 15 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Netta feels mismatched to what she truly wants to be – queer. She takes her camera and records her first steps in the queer world through the lens of visibility, community and performance. Just like queerness, which eschews singular definitions, the movie moves between documentary filmmaking and video art.

Director: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum
Israel 2017, 10 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

A young woman feels paralysis, suffocation, and repetition following a break-up that might not have actually occurred. Trailer.

Director: Nicole Feinholz
Israel, 2018, 5 min., Silent

Two women find attraction and adventure, and embrace the unknown in a night that has only one rule: No talking allowed.

Ganymede Earrings
Director: Niv Fridman
Israel 2017, 5 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

A pair of golden earrings depicting a youth and an eagle are on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The youth is Ganymede; the eagle is Zeus, who fell in love with Ganymede because of his beauty, and kidnapped him to be the servant of the gods. A male prostitute wants to steal the earrings. To do so, he seduces one of the museum guards.

Israeli Cinema…

Amazing Grace

Yonatan moves to Tel-Aviv to be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. When Thomas, a mysterious man, comes back from New York for a visit, Yonatan is immediately smitten. Thomas, afraid of hurting the young man, is hiding a secret from Yonatan – he is terminally ill.


Death of a Poetess

Lenny Sadeh is a scholar who embarks on a day-long, dark, urban journey. Yasmin Nasser, an Arab nurse who lives in Jaffa, undergoes a harsh interrogation that leaves her stupefied. By pure coincidence, the two women run into each other for a single evening that binds their fates inextricably together.


Dyke Society – the whole web series

A peek into the secret life of five lesbians, full of insecurity, fear of failure and laughs.


Family In Transition

Father of four Amit comes to terms with his true gender identity at 40. Despite personal and social difficulties, the family, led by Galit, Amit’s wife, insists on staying together. But when it seems that Amit’s gender journey has reached its destination in peace, Galit’s own quest threatens the relationship.


Gal Uchovsky Tribute: The Bar Mitzvah

The series, created by Gal Uchovsky and Ilan Peled, about two American gay tourists who travel to Israel to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah. They hope that the journey will allow him to come out of the closet. When he turns out to be straight, all hell breaks loose.


I’m Fat

Halit is a fat woman, a filmmaker and instructor for youths at risk, in a joyous and satisfying relationship. But in the eyes of the world, she is first and foremost a fat woman in a world where everyone aspires to be thinner.



Effi goes to Acre, the city of her birth, to attend her grandfather’s funeral. There, she meets Keren, a married woman, and falls in love with her. After meeting Maya, Keren’s little girl, Effi begins to realize what – and who – it was that made her leave town years ago.


My Two Polish Loves

Tali travels to Lodz, Poland, to retrace her personal roots and collective memory. At the heart of this journey are her two Polish loves: her expatriate lover Magda and her late grandmother Silvia, a Holocaust survivor. Tali and Magda discover surprising similarities in their shared Polish heritage.


Over The Rainbow – Launch of the campaign and special panel

Sunday, June 3, 2018, 16:00 Cinematheque 2 Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9 or via this link Duration: 90 minutes This campaign was created by Ariel Medina, Roni Artzi, Roy Litan and Shiran Beri as part of the PO studio, for Ma’avarim organization. We all move on the gender arch between female and male, between gay and straight, between


The Cakemaker

German baker Thomas goes to Jerusalem following the death of his Israeli lover, Oren. Using a false name, he finds work at a café owned by Anat, Oren’s widow. The place soon flourishes thanks to his exquisite pastries; yet Thomas’s involvement in Anat’s life becomes greater than he had anticipated.


The Sign for Love

When El-Ad was small, his mother told him: “Raising you is like raising three kids”. He felt guilty for being deaf. As an adult, El-Ad started a family, at the center of which is his child, whose mother is El-Ad’s deaf friend Yaeli, and that also includes their deaf friends.



Gay Porn Shorts 18+

Cruising Elsewhere by Ryan White, US 2017, 13′

Whatever happened to Wohler Beach? Oral histories and spectral pornography resurrect memories of a once legendary gay beach.

Blow Job Cinemascope by Todd Verow & Charles Lum, US 2017, 6′

A remake and a deconstructive reimagining of Andy Warhol’s most famous 1964 short film “Blow Job.

Flower by Matt Lambert, DE 2017, 17′

Five models and friends from Helix Studios have a hot afternoon.

Nature Boys by Andreas Boschmann, DE 2017, 3′

Men on the run in the woods.

How Come by Rick Flynn, US 2017, 6′

Everyone does it differently. How do you get there? How Come?

Mask4Mask by Aron Kantor, US 2015, 5′

A fetish music number from San Francisco.

Trump n’Dump by Que Grande, USA 2017, 15’

Danny Blue travels back in time from 2020 to the eve of inauguration day 2017 and revels debauchery Trump-style.

Fanstasme by Thomas Bussion, FR 2016, 4′

A shopping spree with big rewards

Lesbian Porn Shorts 18+

The Hutong Vibe, Popo Fan, CN 2016, 18′

The first feminist queer pornography film made in Mainland China.

VS, Maria Blah, E 2017, 6′

Two time-travellers from a distant planet are banished to Planet Earth. But there can be only one.

Zarosli, Oksana Kazmina, Ukraine 2017, 17′

The first feminist sexual fantasy from the Ukraine

The Toilet Line, by Goodyn Green, DE 2017, 12′

Dykes have fun in the club toilet.

Devourable, by Ms. Naughty, AUS 2017, 12’

Real life polyamorous couple JanEva and Calliope are passionate sexual adventurers.

Queer/Trans Porn Shorts 18+

Turiya, Johann Debo, PL 2017, 3′

A special state of consciousness, wherein no separation of subject-object, an area of pure consciousness.

Netflix + Chill, Finn Peaks & Fauri Cate, DE 2017, 9′

Two queer boys want to relax in bed in front of a Netflix show.

Working Pleasure, Kay Garnellen, DE 2017, 18′

A view into the world of sex worker KAy.

MTFTM, Philip Shafer/Godmother, DE 2016, 4’

A little music clip by Godmother.

Bio Dildo 2.0, Christian Slaughter , DE 2016, 18’

A sexy evening starring Mor Vital, KAy Garnellen, Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson.

Mum, I’m Back, Dimitris Katsimiris, GRE 2017, 4’

A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born.

Feierabend, Kay Garnellen, DE 2017, 4’

It’s late, working time is over, cleaning is boring…Well let’s have some fun instead!

Imperial Tranzam, Aron Kantor, USA 2015, 12’

A drag queen adores cars and fluids.

Panorama 2018…

Diane Has the Right Shape

Diane did not think twice when her friends Thomas and Jacques asked her to have a child with them. Thirty-something and refusing to grow up, she must now change her ways. Then, heavily pregnant, she unexpectedly falls in love with her charming renovation contractor. How will her friends react?


Kiss Me

A morning jog in the park brings together Océane and Cécile. Océane is instantly smitten. However, she has had many lovers, and also loves being life of the party. Will she be able to change so as to prove the reserved Cécile that she is her one and only?


Looking for Shelter

Having failed to commit suicide, Azerbaijani refugee Javid decides to make an effort to draw awareness to the rights of LGBT refugees. Russian refugee Boris arrives at Germany’s only LGBT refugee shelter. Melissa, a Syrian transgender refugee, comes up with a unique way to encourage refugees in crisis situations.



Director: Marcel Gisler Producer: Rudolf Santschi Cast: Max Hubacher, Aaron Altaras, Jessy Moravec Switzerland, 2018, 119 min., Swiss German with Hebrew and English subtitles Hebrew


My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Italians Antonio and Paulo live happily and opulently in Berlin. Paulo accepts Antonio’s marriage proposal, subject to his lover coming out to his parents. Antonio’s mother is instantly supportive, but her husband Roberto, the local mayor, is dissatisfied with the news, plotting to spoil the wedding at all costs.


Reinventing Marvin

Martin Clement, born Marvin Bijou, escapes his oppressive small village in the Vosges Mountains. Madeleine Clement, his school principal, encourages him to make use of his talent on the theatrical stage. Adopting her surname as a symbol of his salvation, he embarks on a long, difficult journey of reinventing himself.



Rose is an old lady who has been living for fifty years near a picturesque lake. Patti, her only child, is worried about her mother living alone. She and her daughter arrive for a visit. Pictures from the distant past bring up memories and reveal old secrets.


White Rabbit

Korean-born Sophia Lee is entirely dedicated to installation art. To pay the rent, she does odd jobs. Recently, Sophia’s long-term partner split up with her. When she meets Nana, a South African artist living in Los Angeles, a silver lining becomes visible through her cloudy existence.


Special Events 2018…

A Journey through Mexican Trash Pop Culture

AKS – Pakistan International Minorities Festival

Amazing Grace

Conversation with Christine Vachon

Documentary pitch 2018

LGBT TV panel

Mama Mia! Movie & Picnic

Master class with Damon Cardasis

Master Class with Matt Lambert

Narrative Pitch 2018

No Makeup – Conversation with Peppermint and Alexis Michelle

Over The Rainbow – Launch of the campaign and special panel

Panel – festival directors 2018

SIDE BY SIDE, Russia: A decade of struggle and success

wild pictures – party and a movie with pag and alphabet 

Awards Ceremony and Closing Film: Postcards from London…

Director: Steve McLean
Producer: Soledad Gatti-Pascual
Cast: Harris Dickinson, Leonardo Salerni, Ben Cura
U.K., 2018, 88 min., English with Hebrew subtitles

The world premiere of Postcards from London took place on the closing night of the London LGBT Film Festival on 31 March. Fresh from the studio, this film (starring Harris Dickinson, who plays Hilary Swank’s son and Donald Sutherland’s grandson in the Danny Boyle series Trust), provides the festive, sexy end note of this year’s TLVFest.

Jim is as handsome as a Greek statue come to life. An innocent young man raised in an Essex backwater, he decides to leave home for the bright lights of London’s Soho district, where, like many other boys before him, he believes he will win fame for his photogenic good looks. However, he is robbed on his very first evening. His life’s dream is shattered overnight as he is left homeless and penniless on the streets. He then comes across a successful group of young male escorts called the Raconteurs, who use their extensive knowledge of art history to attract wealthy men. Jim soon becomes a highly-successful member of the group. His new life could be his downfall, but might also prove advantageous, should he only be wise enough to seize the opportunity at hand.
This new film by director and scriptwriter Steve McLean has in a unique cinematic voice, with bright neon lights reminiscent of 1950s gangster films, and endless visual and oral references to the finest pieces of homoerotic art, in particular those by Italian master Caravaggio. Postcards from London is a light, relaxed art history lesson; yet it is highly entertaining, with excellent performances by some of the most handsome and talented young actors currently working in London.


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