November Events...

  • Afrikamera
  • Bahamas International Film Festival
  • Black Alphabet Film Festival
  • Chéries-Chéris
  • Cinanima International Animation Film Festival
  • Cork Film Festival
  • Divine Queer Film Festival
  • El Lugar Sin Límites
  • Espacio Queer
  • Feast Festival
  • For Rainbow
  • Foyle Film Festival
  • Fringe! The London Gay Film Fest
  • GFEST - Gaywise FESTival
  • Gijón International Film Festival
  • Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Holebi Filmfestival Vlaams-Brabant
  • Holebi Kort
  • Homotopia
  • image+nation
  • International Documentary Film Festival: Amsterdam
  • International Festival of Queer Tango
  • Key West Film Festival
  • Kuir Bogotá
  • Leeds International Film Festival
  • Ljubljana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival
  • Mezipatra Queer Filmový Festival
  • Miami Short Film Festival
  • MixBrasil Sexual Diversity Film Festival
  • Oska Bright Film Festival
  • Outburst Queer Arts Festival
  • Pink Screens in Brussels
  • Recifest - Film Festival of Sexual Diversity
  • Santo Domingo OutFest
  • Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival
  • Serile Filmului Gay
  • SHOUT Festival
  • Singapore International Film Festival
  • Stockholm International Film Festival
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
  • Tokyo Filmex
  • TransFormations Film Festival
  • Transforming Cinema
  • UK Film Festival
  • Whistler Film Festival
  • Zinebi


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TransFormations Film Festival

TransFormations Film Festival

Trans* Film Festival Berlin

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 until Sunday, 02 December 2018

A three-day festival that envisions transformations in moving-image narratives and centers a diverse range of voices from the trans* and gender-variant community.

A space for films that have been cis-tematically rejected or put aside.


2018 films...


Kiki Febriyanti // 40 min // 2015 // Indonesian & Bugis spoken languages // subs: English


A story about the existence of women of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, living in Bugis culture in the midst of modern world ruled by binary system. For centuries Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as implicitly written in La Galigo manuscript, where they believe that humans consist of five genders, and one of them is calalai. Who is calalai?


Ayara Bhanukusuma (Albertia Kusuma) // 22 min // 2018 // Javanesse & Indonesian spoken languages // subs: English

Lanang tells the story of a girl named Jyoti imprisioned for 8 years by his father in a remote seaside village. His attempts and exorcising her for her gender transgressions force her to flee to the city in this short story exploring the impact of the rural/urban divide on gender


Meera Darji // 30 min // 2015 // Gujarati spoken language // subs: English


TRANSINDIA is a moving documentary exploring the Transgender community also known as Hijras, in Ahmedabad, India. From being criminalised in 1871 to marginalised in the current society, Transindia takes you on a journey of their true lifestyles.

Being Male, Being Koti

Mahuya Bandyopadhyay // 30 min // 2007 // Bengali & English spoken languages // subs: English

The film explores the experience of growing up gender variant and not being able to understand, let alone, explain the difference. Personal stories of negotiating the violence of everyday life are intertwined with the narrative of building a network and organising around these personal, intimate spheres.


Amina Malik // 13 min // 2016 // Urdu // subs: English // Screened in collaboration with AKS Festival

Katchi opens up with the young Saad, who falls outside the gender binary. Growing up in a middle class family, and striving for his true self, Saad encounters several gruesome events of bullying and being molested by other boys in school, and faces the issues of acceptance and intolerance from the family. Mariam (Saad’s mother) discreetly acknowledges her son’s desires of being different and tries to comfort her son with love.

Tomorrow Never Knows

Adam Sekuler // 93 min // 2018 // English spoken language


The uncomfortable reality of death is faced by Shar and Cynthia who, upon Shar’s diagnosis with early-onset Alzheimer’s, make a brave and difficult decision: she will undertake a conscious death, fully experiencing the end of her life. This documentary moves away from any ominous, taboo or frightening depiction, instead raising the question of what we really mean when we say someone has gone. Is it the senility, the last breath or the burial? How do we prepare for each stage? And what happens when the diagnosis comes soon after your decision to start a gender transition? As our population ages and the number of diagnoses of this little-understood disease increases, these are questions we must find the cultural courage to address. This is a quiet, non-linear and thought-provoking piece that encourages and rewards the honest examination of our own mortality.

O Ninho

Filipe Matzembacher & Marcio Reolo // 4×26 min // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English


Bruno deserts from the army in Porto Alegre to search for his long-missing brother. Instead he finds his brother’s glamorous friends who hang out in the backroom of Madame Marlene’s nightclub. The queer Bohemians welcome Bruno into their midst and the unconventional environment enables him to see his brother and his own sexuality through a completely different and multilayered lens.

Paternal Rites

Jules Rosskam // 82 min // 2018 // English spoken language


Paternal Rites is a first-person essay film that examines the secret underbelly of a contemporary Jewish American family as they grapple with the aftereffects of physical and sexual abuse on their present-day lives. It is also a groundbreaking film about the nature of trauma and memory itself: the ways in which trauma encrypts in uncanny ways; the function of speech and narrative in the process of decryption; and the role of film and filmmaking in the practice of healing. Paternal Rites draws inspiration from podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab and the long lineage of LGBT essay filmmakers in North America such as Jenni Olson, Marlon Riggs, and Richard Fung.

About Us

Cutiepoc productions // 13 min // 2014 // Castellano // Deutsch // English spoken languages

About Us was about a community experiencing how it is to collaborate on a soap together. Filmed on and off over a period of 1 year “About Us” was a community and collective project bring- ing people from the Berlin and wider QTIBIPoC community together to find our own alternative narratives.


Julia Morais & Wil Futuro // 9 min // 2016 // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English

AVESSO (inside Out) shows the memories of Tereza in the underground Salvador. Her experience portrays the way young black queer people are dealing with the opressions of a system choosing to express their own narratives…

Swarm of Selenium

Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka // 23 min // 2017 // English spoken language// subs: English


In the surreal dystopian present, two group of friends cohabit the shells of an abandoned malt factory. As a troubling pattern begins to emerge from their mouths in the form of shattered glass, all are shaken, but some are hit harder than others.

Ascensão e Queda das Bixas

Rodrigo D’Alcântara // 38 min // 2018 // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English


Ascensão e Queda das Bixas (Ascension and Fall of the Bixas) In a distopic future dissident entities surge to take back the power after eras of endemic and hegemonic heterossexuality dominium.

The Cuceta

ertuliana Lustosa // 11 min // 2017 // Português spoken language // subs: English

Cuceta is a meeting of art and transi- tional ritual, Bahian food, tattooing, and body modification. A travesti (Brazilian transgender person) goes to Dr. Elton Panamby for a life-changing procedure: the cuceta, a tattoo on the anal and perianal region. Much more than a risk to the body, it’s a complete life-trans- formation.

Queer Porn Americana

Chelsea Poe // 60min // 2017 // English spoken language // subs: English

Queer Porn Americana is AVN-nominated performer Chelsea Poe’s directorial debut that blends the worlds of experimental film, queer music and queer porn. It stars Tiffany Starr, Crona Valentine, and a crop of fresh new queer porn faces like GodsGirl/clip star Ella Bryn, the film’s co-producer and Kelly Quell, who appears with Australian performer Marina Lee in a scene that will leave you clutching your pearls, literaly. The film visits places like Chicago, Vegas, and Grand Rapids “to capture just a tiny slice of what queer sex is like all over the country,” explains director Chelsea Poe.

Queen of Hearts

Heath McBride // 13 min // 2018 // English spoken language

“Queen of Hearts is a short documentary that tells the true story of one person’s journey from a tortured childhood to a thriving adulthood in New York City. A relevant tale in today’s world of bullying and cyber-trolls, Queen of Hearts inspires by showing that negative circumstances can, in fact, be the inspiration one needs to achieve their dreams.”

Happy Birthday, Marsha!

Sasha Wortzel and Tourmaline // 14 min // 2018 // English spoken language // subs: English


Happy Birthday, Marsha! commemorates Black trans activist and performer Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson and her role in instigating the 1969 anti-policing riots at the Stonewall Inn, a watershed event for the gay liberation movement. The film interweaves imagined scenes with found archival footage to counter the endemic erasure of trans women of color from narratives of political resistance.The film stars Independent Spirit Award Winner Mya Taylor as Johnson with cinematography by Sundance winner Arthur Jafa and an original score by Geo Wyeth.

Atlantic is a Sea of Bones

Tourmaline // 7 min // 2017 // English spoken language // subs: English

Atlantic is a Sea of Bones is a short film directed by Tourmaline drawing from the Lucille Clifton poem of the same name that follows Egyptt LaBejia, an NYC based performer through the 80s, 90s, and 2000’s in NYC. The haunting and otherwordly film set to an original score by Geo Wythe features small every day acts of refusal, resistance, and existence—such as performance and self expression—that have a tremendous impact on the world. The film reveals how the historical and systemic violence, like the killing and policing of black queer and trans life, continue to haunt our contemporary landscapes and is inextricably linked to the ongoing AIDS epidemic and the black queer/trans spaces shaped so intimately by HIV/AIDS, including the spaces where we come together and make life together: public spaces and nightlife spaces.

Meu Nome É Jacque

Angela Zoé // 72 min // 2016 // Portuguese // subs: English

Jacqueline Rocha Côrtes is a middle aged Brazilian transexual woman who has been living with AIDS for the past 21 years. Jacque has had her life marked, by struggles and achievements. The film addresses the diversity and shows the numerous challenges that have been disrupted by this extraordinary character.


Aidan // 80 min // 2018 //  English // German //Spanish // French // subs: English & french


“Revelo” (“I reveal”) is a portrait of John, presenting parts of his life & his processes as a trans* person reconsidering binary codes & many other patterns. 4 years along, John and Aidan the film-maker have been meeting each other and sometimes traveling together . The movie is the result of this journey from Berlin to the mountains in Spain.

O que você não vê. A prostituição vista por nós mesmas

Angela Donini & Flavia Viana & Marina Cavalcanti & Tais Lobo // 9 min // 2017 // Português// subs: Inglês

WHAT YOU DON’T SEE asserts sex workers’ right to the city and challenges stigmatizing discourses about prostitution through images, texts and audio produced by sex workers during Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Appel en absence

Kevin Capelle // 1 min // 2018 // french // subs: English

“Hey, it’s mom. Again… I don’t know what time of the day i have to call to speak to you”. Missed call.


Sabrina Muhate // 23 min // 2018 // Spanish // subs: English

Nereida is a transsexual 50 year old woman who had to leave their country of origin Ecuador against the discrimination suffered. She Works now in the known Desengaño Street in Madrid where she prostitute herself to earn a living.

Abrazame Como Ante

Jurgen Ureña // 63 min // 2016 // Spanish // subs: English


Hold me like before (Abrázame como antes)
Hold me like before to tells the story of Verónica, a transgender who works as a prostitute in a small neighborhood of Costa Rican capital. When a young thief known as Tato has an accident and breaks an ankle, she takes him to her house trying to give him a better life, but also facing with the painful side of motherhood. Finally Verónica realizes that giving a hand to Tato was actually giving it to herself.

The Whisper of the Jaguar

Thais Guisasola, Simon(e) JaikiriumaPaetau // 79 min // 2017 // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English


Sebastian*e, a queer artist, penetrates herself with a cob in a transgenic cornfield, unaware that death is near. Her sister Ana, a punk girl from the city, follows her steps carrying her ashes through the Amazon on a quest that will become a spiritual and sexually liberating experience.
Her path is filled with intriguing encounters and challenges while her sister appears to her along the way amid inescapable stories of colonialism, modernization and the current political situation of Brazil and Latin America.


Brettley Mason & Wyatt Riot // 3 min // 2017 // English spoken language

/fur•key•toodle/ noun.
1. A 17th century British term, obsolete by the 19th century, meaning to caress sexually, to pet, to canoodle; what is known today as foreplay.

  1. Meeting at the intersections of fatness, transness, and desire.

Firkytoodle is a short film that explores the intersections of fatness, transness, and desire. It flips traditional family values and heteronormativity on its head through a display of desire and embodiment that is hard to place, label or put a finger on, that might only be described as rather queer – and very joyful. This is about body positivity – without using words or jargon, this work seeks to embody a love and joy for fat, trans bodies and rejects the idea that only certain ways of being are worthy of love. This film uses bodies as art and bodies as the medium through which stories and ideas are told.”


Eric Pussyboy // 38 min // 2017 // English spoken language // subs: English


Neurosex3 is the last part of the Neurosex Pornoia story. It will introduce the viewer to the neuroanarcoqueer community and their use of brain implants as means for pleasure and explorations of sexuality, and take you to the state laboratories running medical experiments. What can turn a technology of control into tools of resistance and subversion?

Crystal Clear

Max Disgrace // 4 min // 2017 // English spoken language

An erotic narration of a date unfolds packed with fantasy, expectations and unnecessary emotional baggage, whilst we watch from a face-sitting, boob smothering point-of-view.


My Tardif // 11 min // 2018 // French spoken language // subs: English

“bonds” is an experimental short movie about bondage and the bonds that tie us to those we love. It explores how queer intimacy, consent and eroticism intersects with power play, the relation to the camera and d.i.y feminist filmmaking.

Take Me Like The Sea

Salty // 38 min // 2017 // English & French spoken languages // subs: English

What is the link between spanking, a coffee machine and Mozart? Through seven scenes, classical music and queer pornography meet in a poetic and humorous way.

Rien n’oblige à répéter l’histoire

Stéphane Gérard // 85 min // 2014 // English spoken language // subs: French


In 2012, here is is an attempt to find the community born from the Stonewall riots in New York and its project of transformation is being transmitted. Seven conversations about the politics of sexual minorities and the fight against the AIDS epidemic are combined. They share a deep desire for justice which travels across decades : they have learnt the lessons of the past and look now towards the future, craving utopia.

Una Mujer Fantástica

Sebastián Lelio // 2017 // 104 min Spanish spoken Language // subs: German


Class Diary

Maria Carolina da Silva & Igor Souza // 76 min // 2017 // Portuguese  spoken language // subs: English


“Class Diary” follows the daily routines of three women – a young trans woman, an imprisoned mother and a housekeeper – all of whom are students at adult literacy centers in Salvador, Brazil. Although these women follow different paths, their trajectories coincide around the quotidian prejudices and injustices that they face. This Direct Cinema documentary focuses on classroom encounters in an effort to develop the characters’ everyday lives, and in the process, reveals the daily fight they wage against the would-be systematic erasures of their existences.

Transsexworks - Trans Sexworkers on Froben St

Naomi Noa Donath & Henry Böttcher & Emy Fem & KAy Garnellen & Isabelle // 37 min // 2017 // German & Bulgarian spoken languages // subs: English

Transsexworks – Trans Sexworkers on Froben St. A documentary by and about trans sexworkers in Berlin. This is the story of Chantal, Monika, Boni and Graciana. 2017 the sexworkers and sexwork activists Emy Fem, KAy Garnellen and Isabelle developed a weekly meeting for trans sexworkers at Subway near Frobenst.

Chen Li

Roberto F. Canuto & Xu Xiaoxi // 20 min // 2017 // Sichuanes spoken language // subs : English

Working at a nightclub in Chengdu, a transgender Chinese woman receives an unexpected visit from her cousin, informing her that the mother she has brushed aside, has died. As the only “son”, she feels obligated to return to her birthplace for the sake of her family, even though she’ll have to hide her true self from those that once shared her past.


Calí dos Anjos // 10 min // 2017 // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English


Tailor is a young cartoonist that started drawing cartoons to express transsexuality issues he was facing as well as telling the stories of other transgender people, like Miro who has a hard time to find synthetic testosterone; Tertuliana, who had a cathartic moment during a social event at university, and Bernardo, who is a black person, a mother and a father, and discovers his new identity. A film about transgender made by transgender crew.


Reinout Hellenthal // 18 min // 2017 Dutch spoken language // subs: English


Alex a 14-year-old teenager, is best friends with Hendrik – boyfriend of his sister Annelies. Alex finds in Hendrik a man in which he can lay down his trust. At the countryside Alex shrinks because of villagers watching him like an odd one. It’s obvious Alex’ struggle barricades who he truly is. When Hendrik and Annelies announce to leave the family home, Alex faces what is troubling him.


Thiago Kistenmacker & Sanni Est // 14 min // 2017 // Portuguese spoken language // subs: English

A woman suddenly flees from a promising date. Her mind is flooded by painful memories of her transition and the obstacles she had to face. A contemplative picture about the losses and pain some have to undergo in order to be truly themselves.


Alma W. Bär // 1 min // 2017 // English spoken language // subs: German & English

An observation at the seaside. But who´s the observer, who the observed? What is real? And who can ever tell?

did you know?

Lynn Kim // 8 min // 2018 // English spoken language // subs: English

An exploration in shared sites of queerness and sexuality between the spotted hyena and myself.

My Own Wings

Carla Moral and Katia Repina // 9 min // 2016 // English, Spanish & Russian spoken languages // subs: English

This beautifully executed transmedia project explores intersex identity and intersex people who are born with a variation from the standard of what is socially accepted as a “male” or “female” body.

Prinzessin des Alltags

Dan Dansen // 9 min // 2015 // German spoken language // subs: English


We are creatures produced by society – even in the sphere we think as the most private.
By combining the sensual actvity of cooking and a love poem „Princess of Everyday Life“ takes a closer look to this very fact. Director Dan Dansen gives an intmate insight into his relatonship to his partner Fabian through a calm narratve of long camera shots. What seemed to be clear and obvious suddenly becomes fragile, ambiguous and queer: A coming-out-story through another perspectve.

Get the Life

Ozzy Villazòn // 12 min // 2016 // English spoken language

Alex, a transgender youth, has been struggling with a secret pregnancy. However, time has run out for him and he must confess his condition to Jesse, his live-in boyfriend. Although they struggle in poverty, through their love and passion for one another, it’s clear they have forged a home together. To Alex’s surprise, Jesse offers a strikingly opposing view on how to deal with the pregnancy. Alex considers what he is willing to lose in order to live honestly and courageously.

Something to Cry About

Jules Rosskam // 12 min // 2018 // English spoken language

In Something to Cry About three trans-masculine identified people watch a movie or television show that makes them cry. The result is a touching and humorous short documentary that explores the difficulty of expressing intimacy between men, the complexities of desire, and the gift of a good cry.

More Love. Less Prepackaged Bullshit.

Neelu Bhuman // 1 min // 2017// English spoken language // subs: English

Set to the soul beat of Assata Shakur, a trio of black transwoman, brown genderqueer person and a white queer cis man resist dystopia with a sweet bowl full of joy, intimacy and love.

The 36-Year-Old Virgin

Skyler Braeden Fox & Bishop Black// 30 min // 2017 // English spoken language

A sweet coming-of-middle-age sex documentary…
From celibate teenage bible thumper to post-teen lesbian, Skyler, now trans masculine and nearing middle age, feels he missed out on something during his youth. Sex. Not the queer kind he’s been having throughout his 20’s and 30’s. Something a bit more….standard shall we say?


Language // subs: Deutsch

TransGeek brings together the stories of transgender people working in the tech industry and existing within geek culture. These are the stories of people that risked their careers and their lives to be their authentic selves. These are the stories of people that persevere in an industry that undervalues women, LGBT folk, and people of color; to pursue their passions. These are the stories of people that found themselves in the pages of science fiction and fantasy, or didn’t and wrote themselves in anyway. These are the stories of people that turned to the Internet to build communities that transcended geography and bigotry, and then found themselves again the target of hatred and harassment. TransGeek Movie is about making a place for transgender people to tell their own stories in their own voices. The film uses in-depth interviews conducted over a period of several years to explore the lives, hobbies, politics, careers, and thoughts of transgender geeks, and features an original score composed by Zoë Blade, a British electronic musician and transgender woman.

Dear Lou Sullivan

Rhys Ernst // 6 min // 2014 // English spoken language // subs : Deutsch

This work by LA-based artist Rhys Ernst invokes the story of Lou Sullivan, trans man and AIDS activist largely responsible for establishing the distinction between gender identity and sexual orientation. Cut with images of Ernst’ own examination of this figure and trans history, the video is structured by the search for and desire to identify transmasculine elders and an intergenerational exploration of gay transmasculine identity.

26 de Diciembre

Silvia Maggi // 71 min // 2017 // Spanish spoken language // subs: English


‘26 de Diciembre’ follows the residents of an elderly LGBT community home in Madrid. Documenting the daily life of the inhabitants, the film explores the meaning of community-building, care, memory, and political activism. The small rituals – the cooking and the group meals, communal activities and the meetings on various administrative tasks regarding the home – interweave with intimate personal stories. In this space, a rich shared history meets the current social situation and needs of older LGBT people. While Federico tries to secure funding for a new home, Saray speaks of the demand for recognition of social rights, Alberto and Yakob negotiate the various forms that love and kinship can take, and Vanesa and Maria point to the urgent need for housing.

Belen and Edoardo reflect on the importance and meaning of political participation, and ‘Las Rosieras’, four former drag performers, recollect the bittersweet memories of their youth: the extravagance of Madrid’s and Barcelona’s nightlife, and the persecution and abuse suffered during the Franco dictatorship. This colorful ensemble of characters is inventing new forms of cohabitation and building a space where everyone can have an active role in realizing common goals regardless of social position, gender identity or health condition. A space where friendship, love and intimacy are essential – a space both mundane and extraordinary. ‘26 de Diciembre’ is a moving portrait of a group of people who made utopia a reality.

Mi Barba

Carre Real // 2017 // 8 min // spanish/cuban spoken Language // subs: English subtitles

An art video about gender noncon- forming queerness. Being a Black, Cuban, immigrant, bearded, gender nonconforming queer is a personal and social challenge.In this art video we evoke Ancestors and Orishas to protect and guide us.The love and creativity in the dimension of dreams help us to heal and continue the over and over again struggle in this full of contradictions and magic world.


Pêdra Costa // 6min // 2017 // English & Brazilian Portuguese spoken Languages

STA! was to be the video clip of “Dama de Pau”, one of the most famous songs of Solange, I am open! (STA!), a queer baile funk project born in Brazil eleven years ago and currently based in Vienna. But during the process it became a more fluid and experimental visual essay on queer kinship, intersectional communities and the power of collec- tive joy against the perpetuation of terror in the experience of queer migrants

Obeah From Tomorrow

Eva Wǒ // 2 min // 2017 //

If all the oppressions that marginalized me were gone how would I arrive? We had to go to the future to answer this question. The year is 2040, where Obeah is 50 years old, and in love with herself. This unselfish love was achieved through work; both the nonlinear journey of personal healing and the systemic work to dismantle capitalism through organizing. The piece takes place moments before a gala celebration of decades of labor and the 5-year anniversary of liberation; when she is in deep reflection of her journey.

my movement is limitless

Elijah* Osakwe // 9 min // 2018 //Deutsch & Englisch spoken Languages // subs: Englisch

< my movement is limitless >
explores the non*binary of our bodies through movement
trans_genderqueer_non-binary how does (doesn’t) our expression and performance change through transition_spaces_hypervisibility?
<transition: medical, social, psychological…?
<spaces: safe, community…? <hypervisibility: black, of color, fat…?

In & Out

Carol Montealegre // 6 min // 2012 // Spanish spoken language

As to the actual representation of the image is always, partially, phantasmatic . Peggy Phelan
This proposal was an action to be seen online.
The body is the central theme. The body in interaction with Other bodies, establishing a dialogue with other bodies, with themselves, with the camera, the political body, the social body , the human body .


Saadat Munir // 5 min // 2015 // music video // Screened in collaboration with AKS Festival

Experimental film of transgender dance performances in Pakistan.


Evie Snax & Manon Praline // 8 min // 2018 // English spoken language

Baby is a dance-performance-erotica piece born through an intimate collaboration between three sluts : playful curly-haired Manon Praline, Evie Snax, a visionary digital portrait artist from New Mexico and Evie’s camera. Manon integrates her practice of dance, bodywork and kink with her transition. Changes in the body can be very inspiring and that’s where her movement comes from; not aiming for anything allows her to move.

BLACKZILLA: Transitioning at Our Own Pace

Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley // 14 min // 2017 // English spoken language //subs: English

BLACKZILLA follows the transition of a Black Body in an environment that archives their existence. The cyborg BLACKZILLA descends from the sky to record Black Trans lives, creating a space that centres and supports them. Through music and animation they begin to choose how they want to transition within this new space.

Black is me

Elliot Blue // 4 min // 2017 // English spoken language

Black Is Me is a dance video staring Indigo Raÿn. It is a demonstration of empowerment concerning both identities, being transgender and being black; being unapologetically oneself.

Dislocation Blues

Sky Hopinka // 17 min // 2017 // English spoken langauge // subs: english

An incomplete and imperfect portrait of reflections from Standing Rock. Cleo Keahna recounts his experiences entering, being at, and leaving the camp and the difficulties and the reluctance in looking back with a clear and critical eye. Terry Running Wild describes what his camp is like, and what he hopes it will become.


tarek lakhrissi // 46 mins // 2017 // English & French spoken languages // subs: English

Shot between Montreal, Paris, Brussels, Nantes and London, diaspora/situations is a documentary on queer diasporic life, based on interviews with queer and trans artists and activists of color as they reflect on their relationships to their affects and bodies.


Pablo García Pérez de Lara & Marc Serena // 94 min // 2015 // Cape Verdean Creole spoken  language // subs: English


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, an island of 20 kilometers works together to make something beautiful out of nothing: a Carnival. During the month leading up to the festivities we’ll discover the struggles needed to achieve it through a person that coined a word: Tchinda.


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