November Events...

  • AFI Fest
  • Brest European Short Film Festival
  • Cairo International Film Festival
  • Chéries-Chéris
  • Cinanima International Animation Film Festival
  • Cine Movilh
  • Copenhagen International Film Festival (CPHPIX)
  • Cork Film Festival
  • Cyprus International Film Festival
  • Document Film Festival
  • El Lugar Sin Límites
  • Esslingen Queer Film Festival
  • Fancinegay
  • Feast Festival
  • Festival do Rio
  • Film with Pride
  • For Rainbow
  • Foyle Film Festival
  • Fringe! The London Gay Film Fest
  • GFEST - Gaywise FESTival
  • Gijón International Film Festival
  • Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Holebi Filmfestival Vlaams-Brabant
  • Holebi Kort
  • image+nation
  • International Documentary Film Festival: Amsterdam
  • Key West Film Festival
  • Leeds International Film Festival
  • LesGaiCineMad
  • Lethal Lesbian Film Festival
  • Ljubljana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival
  • Mezipatra Queer Filmový Festival
  • MixBrasil Sexual Diversity Film Festival
  • Outburst Queer Arts Festival
  • Pink Panorama LesBiSchwules Festival Luzern
  • Pink Screens in Brussels
  • Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival
  • Queer Film Festival Oldenburg: Rollenwechsel
  • Queer Film Festival: Playa del Carmen
  • Queersicht Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Bern
  • Santo Domingo OutFest
  • Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival
  • Seoul Pride Film Festival
  • Shanghai Queer Film Festival
  • SHOUT Festival
  • Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival
  • Singapore International Film Festival
  • St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF)
  • Stockholm International Film Festival
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
  • tilde: Melbourne Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival
  • Trans Film Fest Stockholm
  • UK Film Festival
  • Vinokino Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Fringe! The London Gay Film Fest

Fringe! The London Gay Film Fest

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 until Sunday, 17 November 2019

Fringe! is a LGBTIQA+ film and arts festival rooted in London's queer creative scene and welcoming everyone. We're not-for-profit and run by a team of passionate volunteers. From feature films to experimental art, workshops to interactive walks and wild parties, Fringe! hosts a multitude of diverse events to tickle every one of the senses. With a signature blend of eye opening movies, DIY and experimental work, the thoughtful, the provocative and the strange, the festival packs out cinemas, art galleries, pop-up venues and basement clubs across East London.

Fringe! was launched in 2011, by a group of queer creatives as a community response to arts budget cuts. Our mission is to offer a dynamic, representative and unmistakably fresh alternative to other film and arts festivals.

Terms & Conditions:

Fringe! is a not-for-profit public-facing festival run by volunteers. We do not pay screening fees and try to make as many screenings as possible free for the community.

We do not have any restrictions on runtime, type or genre of film, but Fringe! is specifically interested in films created by, for, about, or of interest to gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans* or intersex people.

Films should have been completed within the past 3 years.

We do not have any premiere status requirements, and it's fine if your film is online. However, priority may be given to works which have not recently reached large scale audiences in London.

We are most interested in your film itself, and so request that no additional publicity materials be sent during the submission period. All submissions must be made by providing an online screener and must have English subtitles if not in English language. No DVDs or hard drives please.

We are happy to provide fee waivers if you need one in order to be able to submit your film. Please just contact us on submit@fringefilmfest.com letting us know specifically about the film and your circumstances.


2019 films...


A Luv Tale

Being Impossible


Capital Retour

Deep Waters

End of the Century


Funeral Parade of Roses

Green Snake


Nothing to Lose

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street


Terror Nullius

The Archivettes

The Blue Flower of Novalis

The Cancer Journals Revisited

The Cockettes

The Sad Girls of the Mountains

Top 3



Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America


Shorts: Fish Out Of Water

ACCEPTABLE FACE | dir. Holly Summerson | UK | 2019 | 6min
A beautiful fluid animation exploring societal expectations, micro aggressions and the acceptable face of Gay.

ANEMONE | dir. Amrou Al-Kadhi | UK | 2018 | 18min
When societal pressure escalates, Anemone finds comfort in the gender fluidity of sea creatures.

THE ONE YOU NEVER FORGET | dir. Morgan Jon Fox | USA | 2019 | 8min
Unsure how his parents will feel about his choice of prom date, Carey nervously prepares for his first dance.

SAMMY THE SALMON | dir. Jake Shannon | Australia | 2018 | 6min
When Spencer meets Sammy his life begins to go in the right direction, but even magical talking fish can get on your nerves.

EVA NON PIACE | dir. Martina Dimitrova | Germany | 2017 | 7min
A camp '80s tribute, and a near disaster in the hair salon.

ALMA | dir. Santiago León | Colombia | 2018 | 15min
Alma, a young trans woman, takes her first steps towards self love and relationships.

STONEWALL FOREVER | dir. Ro Haber | USA | 2019 | 21min
An intergenerational, intersectional look at the history of the Stonewall Riots and how the beginnings of the modern movement for LGBTIQA+ rights continue to influence and inspire new generations of activists.

EYES | dir. Lily Ash Sakula | UK | 2019 | 4min
A mixed media animation exploring how we move through the world. Are we looked at? Or are we seen?
​Made in collaboration with Project Indigo.

KIDDY SMILE: SLAP MY BUTT | dir. Pierre Saba-Aris | France | 2019 | 4min
A fun sexy and provocative take on the sex worker/client dynamic.

SHORTS: Hide and Seek

The12Project | dir. Hadi Moussally | France | 2015 | 14min
Twelve one-minute shorts created by a queer collective based in Paris that weaves together the poetry of RJ Arkhipov with fashion, art, music, dance and more to create a symbolic universe exploring queerness, gender, and sexuality.

WAYWARD EMULSIONS | dir. Tina Takemoto | USA | 2018 | 4min
Queer glimpses of a wayward woman emerge, ghost-like from nearly 4000 pieces of emulsion scraped off of a discarded reel of 35mm Chinese drama. Set to the rhythmic percussion of a projector cadence, this mesmerising film is a literal excavation of reclaiming and rereading visual histories.

OF ORIGINS, PART 1: HANNAH | dir. Irit Reinheimer | USA, Germany | 2016 | 9min
A speculative love letter unites the lives and afterlives of a group of Jewish feminists in Germany in the early and mid-20th century. Archival footage, home movies, and rotoscoping combine to create tenderness and longing in a queer bond forged across time.

MY CRAZY BOXERS | dir. Krissy Mahan | USA | 2019 | 9min
Suicidal - or just a working class butch dyke caught in the wrong underpants? Pixellated fragments slowly materialise in this video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system, creating a powerful and distressing elegy from the incessant gendering of underwear.

THE COMMIN FAG | dir. Denise Kenney | Canada | 2018 | 4min
A playful take on the nature documentary observing the Fag as he preens, explores his habitat and extricates himself from the beige restrictions of his box.

THE IMAGINARY WOMAN | dir. Laura Tatiana Benavides | Colombia, Estonia | 2019 | 12min
The witchy, earth goddess, dyke, lesbian quest into womanhood animated through poems, questions and songs of rejection, rupture, reflection and love

ENTROPIA | dir. Flóra Anna Buda | Hungary | 2018 | 10min
An explosion of hunger, raw sensuality, possibility and the abandonment of bras collide when three women's parallel universes collapse into one another. This stunning animation is the winner of the Teddy Award for Best Short at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

SWIVEL | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 2019 | 6min
Love is not a gender; it is a swivel of the heart. A genderfluid dance story starring Iron&Sparks that moves through tension, courage, desire, intimacy, and trust.

SHORTS: (Deep) Into You

WELCOME TO ATHENS | dir. Menelas | Greece | 2018 | 7min
You're invited to discover a different side to the Greek capital in this tourism ad the Athens Tourist Board didn't want you to see.

BRUNCH ON BIKES | dir. Ethan Folk & Ty Wardell | Germany | 2019 | 2min
A very special food delivery to satisfy your post-sex hunger.

INTRUDERS | dir. Travis Mathews | Brazil | 2019 | 20min
Festival fave Travis Mathews returns with a fun and intimate vignette that intersects class, privilege and sweaty fun.

DRIVEN | dir. Toni Karat | Germany | 2018 | 13min
BDSM? Check. Leather? Check. Two butches get in on some juicy action.

REAL | dir. Josephine Baltzersen | Austria | 2019 | 22sec
Finger rainbow quickies to the front!

CHACON/TRUNK | dirs. Ben Chapman & Adrian Jordan Chacon | Spain | 2019 | 2min
What's hiding in these swimming trunks?

STARVING BOYS | dir. Raphael Massicotte | Canada | 2018 | 7min
A daddy, a twink, a bear and a hunk go cruising in the Canadian suburbs in this cheeky take on sexy 'romantic' comedy.

BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE (À L’ORÉE) | dir. Jean-Baptiste Huong | France | 2018 | 12min
Hirsute alert! As lovelorn Samuel wanders through a German forest he bumps into a sleuth of raunchy bears. This one's for the pogonophiles.

EXTRACT FROM THIRD SHUTTER | dir. Goodyn Green | Germany | 2019 | 7min
Feast on this delicious slice from the final instalment of Berlin-based pornographer Goodyn Green's Shutter trilogy.

FISTING CLUB | dir. Shu Lea Cheang | Germany | 2019 | 11min
The first rule about Fisting Club is:  you don't talk about fisting club. Jizz Lee will take you deeeep into this secret society.

SUCKMEOFF, PRINCESS! | dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends  | USA | 2019 |  2min
Join the filmmaker in his misadventures on the search for love that only has him find disappointment and blowjobs.

RITUAL WAVES | dir. Lina Bembe | Germany 2019 | 5min
Lina Bembe welcomes you into a calming cocoon of self-pleasure.

LOCK HORNS | dir. Dann Parry | UK | 2019 | 3min
Two wrestlers fighting for domination that ends up in a different sort of tussle.

DEEP CLEAN | dir. David Wilson | UK 2019 | 4min
Cleanliness is next to godliness in this paean to hoover love.

Club des Femmes: Two Decades of Dyke Shorts from the British Underground: The 90s

 Tanya Syed, Chameleon, UK, 1990, 4mins
Pratibha Parma, Bhangra Jig, UK, 1990, 4mins
Sarah Tuner, one and the other time, UK, 1990, 5mins
Sandra Lahire, Eerie, UK, 1992, 1min
Annette Kennerley, Sex Lies Religion, UK, 1993, 6mins
Sarah Pucill, Milk and Glass, UK, 1993, 10mins
Tina Keane, Deviant Beauty, UK, 1996, 12mins
Jamika Ajalon, Memory Tracks, UK-USA, 1997, 10mins

SHORTS: For The Culture!

VISIBLE | dir. Campbell X | UK | 2018 | 20min
Campbell X’s latest film VISIBLE passionately discusses the way QTIPOCs try to find and preserve their histories - so often marginalised or overlooked, even in plain sight. This defiantly queer film asserts that queer history must push back against the sanitisation of LGBTIQA+ culture.
CN: Partial nudity

PIRATE BOYS | dir. Pol Merchan | Germany | 2018 | 13min
This film blends Intersex photographer Del LaGrace Volcano and punk performance writer Kathy Acker’s words to create a moving image tribute to the queer trans punk movement. It’s also about dysfunction and defiance against the idea and image of a ‘normal’ body.
CN: injections, full frontal nudity, light bdsm

DIANE TORR: BECOMING KING | dir. Heni Cloake | UK | 2019 | 7min
A moving portrait celebrating the life of working class Drag King rebel Diane Torr, using archive footage and her own words..
CN: verbal recounting of domestic violence

WE ARE HERE | dir. Ellie Hodgetts | UK | 2019 | 12min
Welcome to the Manchester sect of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! A very gender-bending, very giving, very loving order of queer nuns who fight to provide joy for the LGBTIQA+ community.
CN: archive footage of homophobic and transphobic violence

BEYOND “THERE'S ALWAYS A BLACK ISSUE DEAR” | dir. Claire Lawrie | UK | 3018 | 34min
“I always had an iron fist beneath a limp wrist” Beyond gifts the audience with an array of Black and Brown queers who made waves in the UK subcultures of the 70s and 80s, in a Britain that was violently, endemically racist. Told with confidence and gorgeousness you are left knowing that you only have to turn up to make history.
CN: Verbal recounting of racist abuse and violence

Club des Femmes: Two Decades of Dyke Shorts from the British Underground: The 80s

Jeanette Iljon, Focii, UK, 1975, 9mins
Jacqui Duckworth, An Invitation to Marilyn C, UK, 1983, 12mins
Caroline Sheldon, 17 Rooms (Or What Do Lesbians Do in Bed?), UK, 1985, 10mins
Ruth Novaczek, Tea Leaf, 1986, UK, 10mins
Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers, East End Underground Movement, UK, 1985/95, 4mins 30sec


QUEERING DI TEKNOLOJIK | dir. Timothy Smith | UK | 2018 | 9min
Continuing the Queer Babel series, an AI bot speaks to the new world in a voice and language made from all of us.

THE GENEISIS OF BUTCH & FEMME | dir. Krissy Mahan | USA | 2015 | 6min
You may have seen this Fisherprice comic genius in previous years, here they are with the genesis story of a beloved queer dynamic.

BLACKN3SS (NEGRUM3) | dir. Diego Paulino | Brazil | 2018 | 22min 
‘The more they talk about me the bigger my ass gets’. Liberation, Afro futurism and iconography light up the new world that Black queer Brazilians are creating for us all in this fiercely inventive documentary.

PXSSY PALACE | dir. Laura Kirwan Ashman | UK | 2019 | 7min 
A dreamlike, inspirational, and irresistible look into the intentional QTIPOC party.

STINKHORN | dirs. Hilary Harp and Suzie Silver | USA | 2019 | 13min
This psychedelic and perverse part-animated Western descends into magical pony play. Rural queer imagination unleashed.

THIS IS FOR US | dir. Shanel Edwards | USA | 2019 | 7min
Shanel Edwards and friends create a beautiful dome filled with black fem magic, beauty, acceptance and joy.

SYLVIE | dir. Clem Hue | France | 2019 | 22min
In the suburbs of Toulouse, a group of queers and migrants squat in a pink house searching for traces of the previous occupants, and wrestle with the memory of a crime.

ETERÉA (BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY) | dir. Tino Monetti | Brazil | 2019 | 9min.  8 performers from different queer collectives of São Paulo talk behind the scenes of a music video dripping in stunning queer defiance.

Shorts: Tainted Love

KIKO'S SAINTS (LES SAINTS DE KIKO) | dir. Manuel Marmier | France | 2019 | 25min   
Inspiration takes many forms, for Kiko it is the sight of two men having sex on a beach. A vision turned obsession that sets her on an empowered path of self discovery.

MR. MARE (Lidérc úr) | dir. Luca Tóth | Hungary | 2019 | 20min
With love you hope to get under the other's skin, but what if you start there? This exquisite animation explores the painful dependency in the unrequited.

PONYBOI | dir. River Gallo, Sadé Clacken | USA | 2019 | 19min
A small slice of Americana fantasy as Ponyboi, an intersex runaway, follows his Valentine in the pursuit of the love he deserves.

ALONE TOGETHER | dir. Mitko Karakolev | UK | 2017 | 2min
Monogamy is a belief not always shared in this heart breaking animated lament, on a relationship plagued by the complexities of modern love.

FLOSS (线 Xian) | dir. Popo Fan | China | 2019 | 15min We all have our kinks, but TIng’s secret obsession for his boyfriend’s teeth is causing issues. This sexy short is not for those who fear the dentist.

KISS OF THE RABBIT GOD | dir. Andrew Thomas Huang | USA | 2019 | 14min
Some worship god and some worship lovers, but between ancient Chinese traditions and neon lit restaurants, these erotic blood-filled devotions meet.

Shorts: Survive & Thrive

SISSY FATIGUE | dir. Oscar Oldershaw | UK | 2019 | 6min
A dance film that takes a trip from fetishised femininity to feared creature of transgression.

IN THE MARGINS: ILLUMINATING ISLAMIC QUEERNESS | dir. Layla Abdul-Jabbar | USA | 2019 | 8min
An experimental animation that gives voice to the realities of intersectionality when moving through and occupying space.

PEOPLE LIKE ME | dir. Marrok Sedgwick | USA | 2019 | 20min 
A film about autism acceptance told from the hands of nonspeaking autistic people.

TALES OF A PRETTY BLACK ASS | dir. Juicebox Burton / Oppressed Juice | USA | 2019 | 8min
One Black Twink exams the ways they are seen; through the lenses of race, sex work and desire.

DIX PIX | dir. Steven Fraser | UK | 2019 | 4min 
An animated film about the culture of sending dick pics, and the gay/trans/non binary bodies that send them.

SWEETHEART DANCERS | dir. Ben-Alex Dupris | USA | 2019 | 14min
A Two-Spirit couple determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the "Sweetheart Dance."

HANGING BY A THREAD | dir. Russel Atkinson | UK | 2019 | 3min
An animation film, highlighting the struggle of loneliness and irrational thought.

BUBBY & THEM | dir. Hazel Katz, JeJae Daniels | USA | 2017 | 20min
Adoptive grandmother Bubby Razi provides a space of refuge and resilience for non-binary whirlwind Je’Jae.

WAITING FOR COLOR | dir. Kosta Karakashyan | USA | 2018 | 7min
A documentary dance film revealing the harsh reality of LGBTIQA+ persecution in the Chechen region of Russia.

WELCOME TO THE BALL | dir. Adam Vincent Wright | USA | 2019 | 5min
A child learns sign language to make a new friend.

TOTAL ECLIPSE (Soleils Bruns) | dir. Nicolas Medy | France | 2018 | 16min
In the midst of a sunlit forest, a vampire cruiser navigates their next sexual feed. With appropriate amounts of lace and highlighter, a provocative and violent interpretation of French colonialism.

PRIMER | dir. Crosslucid | Germany | 2019 | 8min
A sensory invitation into the new world. Trespass the borders of sexual and gender regulation and enter the hybrid era of human encounters.

BATOR | dir. Grant Gulczynski | UK | 2019 | 15min

FLORA | dir. Charin Im | USA | 2019 | 5min
Intricate sculptural forms expand, detract and converge in a sumptuous visual experimentation of biology and botany.