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Queer Film Festival: Playa del Carmen

Queer Film Festival: Playa del Carmen

Friday, 09 November 2018 until Thursday, 15 November 2018

The goal of this FESTIVAL is to provide a space to project quality films while supporting productions focused on sexual diversity and human rights. At the same time, it is also a meeting point for all of those involved in the creation and production process, as well as anybody interested in doing the same in the future. This festival allows them to share their experiences and join forces through the exhibition of films and the exchange of ideas and experiences, regardless of their country of origin.

Awards & Prizes


In order to qualify, short films will be submitted in film, video, or digital format and its total running time cannot exceed 30 minutes (including credits). Films can be either from Mexico or a foreign country. The film’s production finish date must be December 1st, 2016 or later.

In order to qualify, feature films will be submitted in film, video, or digital format and its total running time will be between no less than 30 minutes and not to exceed 160 minutes long (including credits). Films can be either from Mexico or a foreign country. Films will not be accepted once they have been distributed in the movie theaters of the country. The film’s production finish date must be December 1st, 2016 or later. 

Rules & Terms

A- There is no registration or submission fee. 
B- There is no limit to the number of films a filmmaker or producer can submit. 
C- Total running time (including credits) cannot exceed 30 minutes for short films and 160 minutes for feature films. 
D- Video clips, commercial videos and works that are aimed to promote political or religious ideas are not eligible. 
E- Works can be submitted in Spanish or any other language with Spanish subtitles. 
F- Entrants must submit a digital copy of each work, preferably on NTSC format. These copies will not be returned to the entrants and will be mailed to the address listed at the bottom of this document or sent to the Festival’s email account: queerffplaya@gmail.com. 
G- Entrants must attach an electronic press kit with the following materials: 
• Still photo from the film (color at 300 dpi, in jpg or tif format) 
• Synopsis of the film (in English and Spanish) 
• Short biography of the director (in English and Spanish) 
• A photo of the director (color at 300 dpi, in jpg or tif format) 
• Technical data sheet with the list of credits 
• Trailer 
• A video showing the director and/or actors and/or actresses inviting people to attend the International Queer Film Festival 2018 Playa del Carmen 
H- The deadline for registration and the submission of materials will be September 1st, 2018. Materials sent on that date will also be accepted. 
I- All expenses caused by the shipment of any material (including advertising material or any other kind) to the Organization Playa Pride will be covered by the entrants. The Festival will not pay for any shipment expenses. 
J- Once materials have been sent and accepted, films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival. 
K- The Festival will not pay for the screening rights of any of the productions submitted for competition. 
L- All movies that are accepted to the Festival will be eligible to be projected during both the national and international screenings that this Festival will organize. 


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