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Buy Me a Gun

Country: Mexico | Colombia , Language: Spanish, 84 mins

Original Title

Cómprame un revolver
  • Director: Julio Hernández Cordón
  • Writer: Julio Hernández Cordón
  • Producer: Julio Hernández Cordón; Maria Jose Cordova; Rafael Ley

CGiii Comment

Buy Me a Gun is a little bit too much of everything and not enough being itself. Being littered with so many literary and cinematic references, it simply loses its own voice...which is a shame...because, Julio Hernández Cordón certainly has something to say about Mexico's current predicament [and its future] because of the drug cartels.

Take a slice of Mad Max, a bit of Peter Pan, a splash of Lord of the Flies...and, a great big dollop of Huckleberry Finn...and, hey presto, you have this Dystopian tale that - initially - revolves around the devastating cycle of drug addiction. 

A drug-addled father tries to protect his daughter [from those cartels] by disguising her as a boy and chaining her up. That's what's called tough love...her mother and sister fell prey and disappeared. Being a woman - in this place - comes with a very hefty price tag!

This is when the film works best, that interaction between father and daughter...unfortunately, the whole thing goes too far off-piste...with neither the budget nor the time to fully develop what the director had in his mind's eye. 

It's not a bad film in any shape or form...just - perhaps - a little too ambitious for the available resources.


The(ir) Blurb...

In a timeless Mexico where women are disappearing, a girl called Huck wears a mask to hide her gender. She helps her dad, a tormented addict, to take care of an abandoned baseball camp where the narcos gather to play. The father tries to protect her as he can. With the help of her friends, a group of lost boys who have the power of camouflaging themselves in the windy desert, Huck has to fight to overcome her reality and to defeat the local capo.

Cast & Characters

Ángel Rafael Yanez as Rafa
Wallace Pereyda as Tom
Ángel Leonel Corral as Ángel
Fabiana Hernandez as Sawyer
Matilde Hernandez as Huck
Rogelio Sosa as Rogelio
Mariano Sosa as Hombre Segundo Retén
Sostenes Rojas as Capo