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Cruel Story Of Youth

Japan, Japanese, 96 mins

Original Title

Seishun zankoku monogatari ...Naked Youth
  • Director: Nagisa Ôshima
  • Writer: Nagisa Ôshima
  • Producer: Tomio Ikeda

CGiii Comment

Rebel Without a Cause - Japanese style.

Gritty with an abundance of girl-slapping.

It's dark, moody, sulky and dreadfully acted.

Early Oshima and a masterclass in over-direction.

Not for the light-hearted.

Cast & Characters

Yusuke Kawazu as Kiyoshi;
Miyuki Kuwano as Makoto;
Yoshiko Kuga as Yuki, Makoto's elder;
Fumio Watanabe as Akimoto, the doctor;
Shinji Tanaka as Yoshimi Ito, student;
Yosuke Hayashi;
Shinjiro Matsuzaki as Terada;
Toshiko Kobayashi as Teruko;
Jun Hamamura as Masahiro, Makoto's;
Shinko Ujiie as Masae Sakaguchi;
Aki Morishima as Yoko Ishikawa;
Yuki Tominaga as Toshiko Nishioka;
Kei Sato as Akira Matsuko;
Asao Sano as Inspector;
Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi as Keizo Horio

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