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Dream Girls

Country: UK, Language: English, 50 mins

  • Director: Kim Longinotto; Jano Williams
  • Producer: Kim Longinotto

CGiii Comment

An all-female revue...with a difference.

Look...they are crappy cabaret performers who have 'trained' under an outrageously strict, laughable, patriarchy...producing mechanical performances. There's no natural talent, it's all discipline.

It really is difficult to take this [film] seriously [but it is] bizarre, that you would think you are watching the perfect mockumentary. Students are forced to clean...their cleaning regime is jaw-dropping...seemingly, it makes them better performers!

Interesting to see 'cultural appropriation' going in a different direction! Let's hope attitudes have changed in Japan...because, according to this...all women hate men!

A fascinating film...and, terrifying. The worry is: Are we laughing at them? [It would seem so]

And...are Japanese anthropologists making films about Western culture...and, laughing at us? [We hope so]

Now...if ever there was a PhD up for grabs [anthropologically speaking]...then, this is it!


The(ir) Blurb...

This film is about Japanese women, escape, glamour and dreams. The Takarazuka Revue is an enormously successful spectacular where the all-women cast create fantasies of erotic love and sensitive men. It is also a world for young girls desperate to do something different with their lives. In return for living a highly disciplined and reclusive existence, they will be adored and envied by many thousands of Japanese women. They will look, act and behave like young men while having no real men in their lives. Dream Girls explores the nature of sexual identity and the contradictory tensions that face young women in Japan today.

Cast & Characters

Miki Maya as Herself;
Anju Mira as Herself