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USA, English, 30 mins

  • Director: Joe Swanberg
  • Writer: Joe Swanberg
  • Producer: David Swinburne; Billy Rosenberg

CGiii Comment

Soooo...when you watch a pilot, it's a taste of things to come!

Well...we won't be tasting any more. A dismal first episode...played [clumsily] for non-existent laughs...a mid-life sex crisis, indeed!

It comes over as a politically-correct, box-ticking exercise, you just know when a character uses the word 'hetero-normative' - the writer [really] has no idea!

With some big names [Orlando Bloom] and a second series...the Netflix execs certainly seem to see more in it than there actually is!


The(ir) Blurb...

This television series follows different couples in their respective forms of relationship exploration in modern day Chicago. Each episode follows separate pairs that cross paths now and again, rather than having every character tie into every episode.

Cast & Characters

Jacqueline Toboni as Jo;
Kiersey Clemons as Chase;
Connie Hollins as Church Goer;
Jane Adams as Annabelle Jones;
Zazie Beetz as Noelle;
Michael Chernus as Kyle;
Aya Cash as Sherri;
Dave Franco as Jeff;
Evan Jonigkeit as Matt;
Rebecca Spence as Cheryl;
Noah Hopkins as Russ;
Toya Turner as Cafe Server;
Jesse Diaz as Jesse Diaz;
Suzanne Adent as Penny;
Lucas Von Kampen as Alan

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