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Germany Year Zero

Italy, German, 78 mins

Original Title

Germania Anno Zero
  • Director: Roberto Rossellini
  • Writer: Roberto Rossellini; Max Kolpé
  • Producer: Roberto Rossellini; Salvo D'Angelo

CGiii Comment

Interesting to say the least.

It's a sinister tale and a view that is not seen very often - the aftermath of WW2 - from a German perspective...by a post-war Italian eye.

Morals are abandoned in the struggle to stay alive.

Young boys fall prey to characters of dubious desperation...this is very, very brave for 1948.

It's not an easy film to watch and it most definitely will not leave a smile on your face - compare other films made during this time and you will be truly amazed at the truthfulness of this little, near forgotten, neo-realist classic.


The(ir) Blurb...

Edmund, a young boy who lives in war-devastated Germany after the Second World War has to do all kinds of work and tricks to help his family in getting food and barely survive. One day he meets a man who used to be one of his teachers in school and hopes to get support from him, but the ideas of this man do not lead Edmund in a clearer or safer way of living.

Cast & Characters

Edmund Moeschke as Edmund;
Ernst Pittschau as Il padre;
Ingetraud Hinze as Eva;
Franz-Otto Kruger as Karl-Heinz;
Erich Gühne as Il maestro;
Heidi Blänkner as Frau Rademaker;
Jo Herbst as Jo;
Barbara Hintz as Thilde;
Adolf Hitler as Himself;
Karl Kruger as Il medico;
Alexandra Manys as Amica di Eva;
Christl Merker as Christl;
Gaby Raak as La donna di generale;
Inge Rocklitz as Rifugiata;
Hans Sangen as Herr Rademaker

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