Kendo Monogatari

Cuba, Spanish, 15 mins

  • Director: Fabián Suarez
  • Writer: Fabián Suarez
  • Producer: Mauricio Escobar

CGiii Comment

Without a shadow of doubt...this could become a rather special feature.
There is so much emotion crammed into such a short space...the back-stories scream to be heard.
It really needs to be longer.


Kendo Monogatari / Fabián Suárez / 2012 from Maskin Producciones on Vimeo.

A women sells her beauty salon to help her friend leaving Cuba. As soon as she gets his first news from abroad, she starts practicing a strange martial art.

Cast & Characters

Veronica Diaz as Lesbia;
Juan Miguel Mas as Mandy;
Edith Massola as Edith Massola

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