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Je Suis une Nymphomane

France, French, 103 mins

Original Title

Libido: The Urge to Love
  • Director: Max Pécas
  • Writer: Claude Mulot; Max Pécas
  • Producer: Paul Cayatte

CGiii Comment

A young woman falls down a staircase, and suddenly becomes... a nymphomaniac.
...and that about sums it up...
70s pulp trash...made for pimply teen boys.
It's billed as a comedy - that's funny.


The(ir) Blurb...

A young woman falls down a staircase, and suddenly becomes... a nymphomaniac.

Cast & Characters

Sandra Julien as Carole;
Janine Reynaud as Murielle;
Yves Vincent as Le pretre;
Patrick Verde as Michel;
Michel Lemoine as Hugo;
Alain Hitier as Eric;
Bob Ingarao as Gypsy;
Michel Charrel as Gypsy;
Michel Vocoret as Olivier;
Helene Tossy

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