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Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Country: Spain | Estonia | Ethiopia | Latvia | Romania, Language: English, 83 mins

  • Director: Miguel Llansó; Daniel Taye Workou
  • Writer: Miguel Llansó
  • Producer: Mesereta Argaw; Miguel Llansó; Liis Nimik; Kristjan Pütsep; Israel Seoane; Sergio Uguet De Resayre

CGiii Comment

Sometimes...words are simply not enough! But, hey, who needs words when there is complete and utter madness!

Yes...for this imaginatively titled little film is - quite possibly, without a word of a lie - the goofiest film ever made. It's not for everyone...but, what film is? It really is a case of whether you can enjoy watching actors [with varying degrees of talent] cavort and frolic all over the screen...or, for some, this amount of mayhem is just a little too much to stomach.

There is very little rhyme of reason to JSYtWttH, most of it looks as if it was made up on the spot...yet, there is a semblance of a story - making sense of it is a different kettle of fish. But, hey, not everything needs to make sense. Miguel Llansó has thrown everything - including the kitchen sink, drainer and plug - at this. The cornucopia of characters include a bisexual a cheap, ill-fitting Batman costume with the copyright infringed logo scrubbed out [hysterical].  There are pizzas and Stalin, a drag queen and Robert Redford, kung fu fighters and many, many more.

This is DIY film-making at its very best [or worst]...stitched together from crowdfunding and good will. It truly is a global film with a multitude of nationalities and nations taking part...and, for that fact alone, it should be applauded.

They must have had a ball making it...and, for a few enlightened souls, it is an absolute hoot to watch.


The(ir) Blurb...

CIA Agents Palmer and Gagano are tasked with the mission of destroying a computer virus called 'Soviet Union'. They enter the system using VR but the mission turns into a trap.

Cast & Characters

Daniel Tadesse as Agent D.T. Gagano
Guillermo Llansó as Roy Mascarone
Agustín Mateo as Agent Palmer Eldritch
Gerda-Annette Allikas as Malin
Solomon Tashe as Batfro
Lauri Lagle as Commandant Rebane
Rene Köster as Captain Lagucci
Iveta Pole as CIA Professor
Aris Rozentals as Jiminy
Jegor Sevastjanov as Batfro's police agent