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Country: UK, Language: English, 101 mins

  • Director: Silvio Narizzano
  • Writer: Ray Galton; Joe Orton
  • Producer: Arthur Lewis

CGiii Comment

Two things that immediately spring to mind: Joe Orton is dated & Richard Attenborough couldn't do comedy...embarrassingly/cringingly so.

Basically, this is an over-stretched farce about hiding a corpse...funny huh? The only person laughing was Joe Orton himself, he sold the rights for a ridiculous sum of money [the amount varies between sources]......for a dreadful play that became an even worse screenplay. A screenplay that is - in part - narrated by a singer of some truly awful songs...who came up with that idea?!?

Alas, Joe Orton never got to see his play savagely transferred onto the big screen, he was murdered by his boyfriend in 1967...what would he have thought of this debacle!?! We can only wonder!

It was a sign o' the love, bad hair and brazen sexuality...this film has them abundance. Sadly, the only thing is doesn't have is one genuine laugh...strange, considering this was the heyday of the 'Carry On...' films, with all those gloriously camp shenanigans. Loot is an inferior, poor man's copy...with some notable names attached.

It is camp...but, flat and humourless. It really is just a mess of a film.

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The(ir) Blurb...

Based on the play by 'Joe Orton' this film follows the adventures of two pals who have pulled off a bank robbery and have to hide the loot. Fortunately one of them works in a funeral parlor and they have a coffin to spare. Then there's the gold-digger nurse and the gonad-grabber detective and a host of other wonderful characters.

Cast & Characters

Richard Attenborough as Inspector Truscott;
Lee Remick as Nurse Fay McMahon;
Hywel Bennett as Dennis;
Milo O'Shea as Mr. McLeavy;
Roy Holder as Hal;
Dick Emery as Mr. Bateman;
Joe Lynch as Father O'Shaughnessy;
John Cater as Meadows;
Aubrey Woods as Undertaker;
Enid Lowe as W.V.A. Leader;
Harold Innocent as Bank Manager;
Kevin Brennan as Vicar;
Andonia Katsaros as Policewoman;
Jean Marlow as Mrs. McLeavy;
Robert Raglan as Doctor