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Murder Melody

Denmark, Danish, 100 mins

Original Title

Mordets melodi
  • Director: Bodil Ipsen
  • Writer: Fleming Lynge; Tavs Neiiendam

CGiii Comment

Back in the 40’s homosexuality on film was never apparent in Denmark (or anywhere). Instead, the art of suggestion was practised, in which on a small scale represented something else than the heteronorm. A splendid example of this is the eerie and impressive thriller “Murder Melody”. A series of ghastly and unsolved murders, a distant and mysterious cabaret singer, her - at least - as mysterious and affected former partner plus a worn out and lonely lesbian dresser, other striking characters and a brilliantly arranged plot distinguishes this film noir as absolutely worth watching in many ways.

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Cast & Characters

Gull-Maj Norin as Kabaretsangerinde Odette Margot / Sonja;
Poul Reichhardt as Lysmester Max Stenberg;
Angelo Bruun as Teateragent Louis Valdini;
Peter Nielsen as Kriminalassistent Baunso;
Else Petersen as Frk. Baunso;
Karen Poulsen as Paklaederske Flora Kristiansen;
Ib Schonberg as Teaterdirektor Perm;
Petrine Sonne as Pensionatsvaertinde Sonja Bohman;
Charles Wilken as Pensionatsvaert;
Anna Henriques-Nielsen as Marskandiser Sonja Neie;
Lili Heglund as Bagerekspedient Lise Rasmussen;
Valso Holm as Konferencier ved teater;
Per Buckhoj as Markussen;
Helga Frier as Rengringskone Nielsen;
Lis Lwert as Stuepigen Poula

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