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Run This Town

Country: Canada, Language: English, 99 mins

  • Director: Ricky Tollman
  • Writer: Ricky Tollman
  • Producer: Jonathan Bronfman; Randy Manis

CGiii Comment

Where to start with this one! What a disaster!

Yes, there is a story...but, it doesn't actually start until 60 minutes into the film. Up until then, Ricky Tollman focuses on a squirming, mollycoddled, fresh-out-of-school, incompetent, whiny journalist [Ben Platt] and a bunch of ultra-verbose millennials who all look far too young for the jobs they are supposed to be doing. It really is a case of all talk, little work [or story development]...and, lashings of unnecessary and irritating split-screen.

Then...things get interesting...for all the wrong reasons. Damian Lewis must be a little embarrassed, unrecognisable under the worst 'fat' make-up ever to have disgraced the silver screen...he delivers a razzie-worthy performance of over-the-top the could-not-behave-worse, Trump-ish, soon-to-be-toppled, mayor of Toronto. 

The final 30 minutes centres around a video recording of this [nasty] mayor [supposedly] taking crack [in a crack den]...what a scandal! Yet the scandal never plays out...we [the audience] never get to see that video...despite the skulduggery involved in possessing it...when the time comes...dramatic music...and, zilch, nothing, about an anti-climax! 

Run this Town is a film that will leave you asking: Was that it? Unfortunately, that really was it...a major and meandering disappointment.


The(ir) Blurb...

An emerging political scandal in Toronto in 2013 seen through the eyes of young staffers at city hall and a local newspaper.

Cast & Characters

Ben Platt as Bram
Mena Massoud as Kamal
Damian Lewis as Rob
Nina Dobrev as Ashley
Scott Speedman as David
Jennifer Ehle as Judith
Gil Bellows as Detective Lowey
Lauren Collins as Sammi
David Eisner as Phil
Hamza Haq as Detective Sharma
Kathryn Greenwood as Jill
Emmanuel Kabongo as Abe
Rebecca Liddiard as Claire
Araya Mengesha as Joshua
Katy Breier as Lauren