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Strange Weather

USA, English, 92 mins

  • Director: Katherine Dieckmann
  • Writer: Katherine Dieckmann
  • Producer: Rachel Cohen; Hilary Crowe

CGiii Comment

Holly Hunter plays Holly Hunter...as a tough-nut, non-conforming, grieving mother...and, to a certain degree, she pulls it off.

Now, there is actually a built-in ending that would have made this film fly into the stratosphere...instead, and [in our humble opinion] erroneously, Katherine Dieckmann chose to go down the safer route...what could have been a mighty statement on the individuality of grief and the grieving process...became a rather diluted affair.

Oooooh the potential to have a collective jaw-drop was there...if only...!



The(ir) Blurb...

Strange Weather is a poignant drama about a mother, played by Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter, who travels the back roads of the Deep South to settle a score. The film co-stars Carrie Coon (Gone Girl, The Leftovers) and is a story of grief, forgiveness, and looking inward to find a way to move forward.

Cast & Characters

Holly Hunter as Darcy Baylor;
Carrie Coon as Byrd Ritt;
Ransom Ashley as Walker Baylor;
Walker Babington as Dennis;
Craig Boe as Buford LaPierre;
Kim Coates as Clayton Watson;
Kim Collins as Guy 1;
Turner Crumbley as Kevin Jenkins;
Lucy Faust as Cheryl Perkins;
Ted Ferguson as Sam;
Susan Gallagher as Sue Ann Jenkins;
Gloria Gonnillini as Lady at shelter;
Choppy Guillotte as Professor Jeremy Collins;
Glenne Headly as Mary Lou Healy;
Shane Jacobsen as Mark Wright

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