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Zero 3

Lithuania, Lithuanian, 88 mins

  • Director: Emilis Velyvis
  • Writer: Jonas Banys; Emilis Velyvis
  • Producer: Daiva Jovaisiene

CGiii Comment

It may be about greed and corruption...but, it goes about it in every wrong way possible.

Thoroughly misogynistic from start to finish, sporadically homophobic...and, consistently offensive throughout.

The big 'joke' involves a vegan and a detached penis...the other 'joke' involves a drag queen, Eurovision and Lithuania's one [Syrian] refugee...neither being remotely funny, both being acutely obscene...in the presumption that this filmmaker thought an audience would accept this as 'entertainment' - this is not satire, this is shameful.

This is the third installment in the Zero series...time to call a halt!


The(ir) Blurb...

A outrageous crime - action - comedy examining corruption and greed in Lithuanian politics.

Cast & Characters

Mindaugas Papinigis as Vova;
Gabija Siurbyte as Vytenio Asistente;
Andrius Ziurauskas as Saulius;
Sonata Visockaite as Violeta;
Arvydas Dapsys as Ministras;
Giedrius Savickas as Linas;
Ramunas Rudokas as Gintaras;
Rimante Valiukaite as Erika-Ryza;
Ramunas Cicenas as Rytis;
Sakalas Uzdavinys as Premjero Padejejas;
Laimutis Sedzius as Premjeras;
Kestutis Stasys Jakstas as STT Agentas#1;
Adomas Stancikas as STT Agentas #2;
Andrius Bialobzeskis as Eimantas;
Edmundas Jakilaitis as Himself

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