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200 American

Country: USA, Language: English, 84 mins

  • Director: Richard LeMay
  • Writer: Richard LeMay
  • Producer: Richard LeMay

CGiii Comment

Instantly forgettable...just like LeMay's other film, the odious and pretentious Whirlwind.

Why do these people think that they can make movies?!?

This, without doubt, joins the ever-expanding mountain of US gay-themed crap.

Is there any talent out there? We wonder and worry.


The(ir) Blurb...

Conrad is a gay man living in NYC. He's also CEO of an ad agency and by nature a control freak. Although Conrad is still in love with Martin (his ex), he hires a young Aussie hustler named Tyler, first for a night and then to work for his company. Things get increasingly complicated as Conrad tries to rekindle things with Martin. Meanwhile Tyler (who's daytime name is Ian) falls for Michael his new supervisor.

Cast & Characters

Matt Walton as Conrad;
Sean Matic as Ian;
Anthony Ames as Michael;
John-Dylan Howard as Martin;
Mark Ford as Louis;
Gail Herendeen as Sarah;
Lucy Smith as Emily;
Spencer Aste as Ted;
Justin Durishin as Tony;
Ruth Nicolas as Waitress;
Constance Reardon as Heather;
Rick Poli as Rick;
Ed Ferruzza as Pepe;
Elie Finkelstein as Mrs. Shenkoff;
Fred Jones as Darth