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4 Days in France

France, French, 137 mins

Original Title

Jours de France
  • Director: Jérôme Reybaud
  • Writer: Jérôme Reybaud
  • Producer: Frédéric André; Elisabeth Perez

CGiii Comment

After 137 minutes...you are left, rather bamboozled, wondering why you have just wasted 137 minutes...on absolutely nothing.

This is one for the arty-farters...they - no doubt - will proclaim the tangible sense of loneliness, the futility of life and the whole lost-in-a-relationship kinda thang!

What it is...is the dullest road movie ever made...the destinations, wait for it, are dictated by Grindr...and, wait for it, the wandering boyfriend is tracked by his [puzzled] boyfriend using - wait for it - Grindr!

It's a sorry excuse for introducing a litany of 'eccentric' characters...they are written to be 'eccentric' due to their remoteness from Paris...those quirky, rural-dwelling yokels...dontcha just luv'em! When - in fact - their only eccentricity is by the indulgence of the writer.

The main character may be bored witless with his life...credit where credit is due, he [the character] and the director successfully communicate that boredom to the audience...perhaps, too successfully!


The(ir) Blurb...

One morning, Pierre suddenly decides to leave Paul and go on a journey, without a destination, far from Paris. When he finds out, Paul decides in turn to hire a car and track him down. The rambling of the one and the hounding of the other centre around each of their activities on Grindr, an App famous for facilitating homosexual encounters which works using geolocation technology.

Pierre, en couple avec Paul, décide de le quitter, un matin, pour prendre la route et rouler au hasard des rencontres que lui propose l’application de drague sur portable, Grindr. Dans ce voyage initiatique, ce road movie dans lequel les paysages ne sont pas choisis au hasard, nous accompagnons Pierre dans une quête d’un idéal fantasmé, qui devient progressivement une errance sans sens et sans but. Rythmée de rencontres emblématiques d’hommes et de femmes, elles lui permettront peut-être de mettre en perspective sa relation avec Paul. Ce premier long métrage de Jérôme Raybaud nous offre une réflexion magistrale sur nos « marges », ces espaces que l’on porte en nous-même, et que nous décidons parfois d’explorer...

Cast & Characters

Pascal Cervo as Pierre Thomas;
Arthur Igual as Paul;
Fabienne Babe as Diane Querqueville;
Nathalie Richard as La libraire;
Laetitia Dosch as La voleuse;
Liliane Montevecchi as Judith Joubert;
Jean-Christophe Bouvet as L'homme de Savoie;
Marie-France as Marie Pilatre de Rozier;
Bertrand Nadler as Le VRP;
Dorothee Blanck as La dame au Caddie;
Florence Giorgetti as La riveraine excedee;
Mathieu Cheve as Matthieu;
Olivier Galinou as Didier;
Corinne Coureges as La serveuse de la Pate a Bonheur;
Emilien Tessier as L'homme de Bruere-Allichamps

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