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Country: USA, Language: English, 93 mins

  • Director: Paul Haggis; Dan Krauss
  • Producer: Brendan Gaul; Guru Gowrappan; Paul Haggis; Brett Henenberg; Dan Krauss; Rupert Maconick; Hayley Pappas

CGiii Comment

The best of people in the worst of times...and, the worst of people in those terrible times.

Dr Lorraine are a humanity and to the medical profession. Despite your education, experience and are a woman most foul. Even now...after all the tragedy, this film reveals, in her own words [said straight to the camera], that she remains a woman most foul. Her words will - quite literally - make your skin crawl...a little digging also revealed that she is a Holocaust denier, a seventh-day adventist...and, the practitioner of a "dangerous" alternative cancer treatment. A true advocate of 'her way' or no way.

Many people need to hold their heads in shame...regarding their opinions, approach and practices against people with AIDS. This film names and gives the audience the opportunity to hold - each and all - to shame. And...many [if not all] should be held to account...reminding each and all that ignorance is never a defence. As for the venom-spitting, homophobic nurse - who remains unnamed - she and her husband appear through archival them! really is time to revisit, review and revise your constitution...namely, Freedom of Speech [with the gun law coming in a close second]...dispense with this [ridiculous] freedom of hate speech, it really is an affront [to the constitution] and it has gone on for far too long. How could/can a civilised society allow "God Hates Fags" signs to be brandished at funerals? Is this what is called a religious anomaly!?!

5B does a mighty fine job at the shaming. Then...there are those who nursed, cared and helped. Thank you...from the deepest recesses of our collective hearts. Their stories are tough to hear...and, for many, 5B will be a tougher watch. Tears will undoubtedly stream. Breaths will be held...and, gasps [of incredulity] will happen.

This is our recent history, this is how badly we were treated in living memory...these are the best of people in the worst of times. We [and this film] applaud each and every one you. We survived...sometimes, in a quiet moment, spare a thought and a tear for those who didn't. This film helps to remind...and, reminds us to help...if we can.


The(ir) Blurb...

“In the 1980s, only a number and letter were used to designate a ward at San Francisco General Hospital, the first in the country to treat patients with AIDS. While a portion of society saw these patients as pariahs, the male and female caregivers in 5B chose a different route. This film is their story.

Directed by Dan Krauss, 5B is a film about a past that questions our present. It will be distributed in the United States, all around the world, and in France, which in October will be hosting the world conference for all fund-raisers donating money over the next three years to fight HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria.”