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Alex & Ali

USA, English, 88 mins

  • Director: Malachi Leopold
  • Writer: Malachi Leopold
  • Producer: John Michael Bennett; Bernadette Chopra

CGiii Comment

Can a relationship survive distance and time?

Thousands of miles and decades apart - inevitably - take their toll.

American Alex and Iranian Ali meet after 35 years apart - their cultures and memories collide and clash...expectations run high of a love rekindled...

The agony of truth soon rears its unwelcomed head. Time has blurred the reality...were they ever really lovers?!?!?! Or, just great friends?

Definitions of love, friendship and 'being gay' are called into question...Ali is defiant, Alex is in denial.

It's a heartbreak - simply because of the honesty and the catastrophic consequences of idealism.

A film that starts so differently to where it ends...Alex and Ali's lives are profoundly changed...and, it questions the film itself - if the reunion was the reason for the film or if the film was the reason for the reunion - then, it goes without saying - there has to be a whole lot of soul-searching by Alex and the filmmaker...was it worth it?

Some things should be left - just as they are.

This is harrowing. The truth definitely hurts.


The(ir) Blurb...

The story of a gay American Peace Corp volunteer who moved to Iran in 1968 and fell in love with an Iranian man. Ten years on and just prior to the revolution igniting, the American was forced to leave Iran, and his partner. The couple was reunited after 35 years in May of 2012 in Turkey. Their reuniting takes an unexpected turn in Istanbul, now they face their biggest challenge.

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