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All in My Family

Country: USA, Language: English, 40 mins

  • Director: Hao Wu
  • Writer: Hao Wu

CGiii Comment

With so many children awaiting adoption, surrogacy is a complex and contentious issue...this film avoids any debate on the subject.

A gay couple employ two surrogates...two babies later, Hao Wu decides to travel back to China [from his resident USA] with his Asian-American partner to introduce them to his [homophobic] family...seriously, why? To what ends?

This is less documentary, more video uncomfortable one at that. Hao Wu introduces his family, it's not pretty in the slightest. His clean-freak mother has severe [and we mean severe] anger issues, his father suffers in silence...her homophobia is vocal, his less so.

Then...there's the grandfather, a rather sprightly nonagenarian. All family members decide that grandpappy should not be told how these two wee babies came about. In other words...they lie to him. It really is horrible to watch.

All in My Family is a redundant exercise...the homophobia is not challenged, the traditional family values are not challenged...nothing is challenged. Rather than being outright cruel, let's just say, that everyone on-screen was absolutely terrified of the mother...the only ones to out-scream her were the babies.

A wholly impotent film...with [way] too much screaming.


The(ir) Blurb...

All in My Family tells a heartfelt, cross-cultural autobiographical story of Chinese-born filmmaker Hao Wu, who creates a thoroughly modern LGBTQ family with his gay partner in the US, only to face the dilemma of how to introduce his partner and two children to his very traditional parents and relatives back in China - some of whom don't even know he's gay.