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Always Say Yes

Country: Chile | Mexico , Language: Spanish, 104 mins

Original Title

Siempre sí
  • Director: Alberto Fuguet
  • Writer: Alberto Fuguet
  • Producer: Arturo Oporto

CGiii Comment

The company of strangers versus loneliness...who wins? would be very easy to dismiss this...because, it is porn...with a difference. There are no perfect bodies, there's not one pumped-up Adonis grunting 'give it to me baby' - in fact, this is as faraway from those gay-porn-studio-productions as you can get!

Call it what you want...domestic porn, amateur's still porn, albeit accessible and relatable. Everyone can be a porn 'star' nowadays...and many of us have chosen to be one! Who wants to watch buffed-up baloney, when you can watch the real thing?

Always Say Yes delivers on the 'real thing' and stumbles due to a thin thread of a story...smalltown 'boy' goes to big city to pose for some saucy snaps...has various sexual escapades...all rather explicit...with one scene [a massage] going on and on and on...for an absolute eternity.

Take out all the sex and there's not much left...apart from a rather upbeat little message: The company of one stranger [always] has the potential to become...the love of your life!

An interestingly mundane twist on pornography.


The(ir) Blurb...

Héctor travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City with the hope of posing naked for photography collective Feral. His friend Carlos chose not to go with him, and Héctor, determined to experiment with his desire without limits, promises himself to always say yes.

Héctor decide escaparse de Hermosillo para ir a posar para un fotógrafo homoerótico de la Ciudad de México. Decide vivir nuevas experiencias en la capital y sobre todo nunca decir no a ningún chico u oportunidad.

Cast & Characters

Gerardo Torres Rodríguez as Héctor
Pavel Akindog as Natalino
Anty de la Vega as Isaías
Lalo Santos as Lalo
Irvin Morlag
Franco Ruiz
Andrés Sánchez
Effy Oropeza
Christo Cansio