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American Crime

USA, English, 45 mins

  • Director: John Ridley
  • Writer: John Ridley
  • Producer: Ed Tapia

CGiii Comment

Season 1 of American Crime was a gritty (often unbearable) look at race and religion in modern-day America...it painted a very bleak picture indeed.

Season 2 takes it all to a darker place entirely...race and religion plays their parts...but, sexuality, mental health, consent and class are the leading players.

This is solid, unequivocally uncomfortable viewing...let's make one thing very clear...rape is an 'on-going' crime...even when there is consent at the beginning, as soon as that consent is rescinded and the intercourse continues...it is rape.

However, trying to prove the consensual retraction is a whole different ball-game. Defending rape - as any young lawyer will tell you - is not a difficult task. It's called doubt! Throw in doubt and the case is thrown out.

Doubt and deceit...those adversaries to truth...and, they are present with every twist and turn this story takes.

One minute you'll be spitting at the screen, the next...you'll be breaking your heart. And then...punching the air, saying: Stupid, stupid boy!

There are four mothers:

1. Stable, rich and fiercely protective of her son - she's a force to be reckoned with.

2. Unstable, hard-working, struggling and fiercely protective (albeit misguided & misjudged) - she's a force...but, vulnerable.

3. Religious nut-job, soon-to-be divorced, homophobic and, not-fit-for-purpose.

4. Stable, rich and fiercely protective of her job - she's a force to be reckoned with.

Dependent on situation, location and views...each can be championed...even the religious nut-job! What?!?

But...this is the story of two young men...who make mistake after mistake...the consequences of their actions and lies are as far reaching as the tentacles of a Portuguese man o' war...and just as venomous.

It's gruelling from start to finish...and the end - to some - will be baffling...and, for others, wholly unsatisfactory.

But...think about it...does a situation like this...to be raped, to be disbelieved...does this ever end?!?


The(ir) Blurb...

Alleged homosexual rape and the far-reaching consequences.

Cast & Characters

Felicity Huffman as Leslie Graham;
Timothy Hutton as Coach Dan Sullivan;
Lili Taylor as Anne Blaine;
Elvis Nolasco as Chris Dixon;
Trevor Jackson as Kevin LaCroix;
Connor Jessup as Taylor Blaine;
Joey Pollari as Eric Tanner;
Angelique Rivera as Evy Dominguez;
Regina King as Terri LaCroix;
Hope Davis as Steph Sullivan;
Faran Tahir as Rhys Bashir;
André Benjamin as Michael LaCroix

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