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Billionaire Boys Club

USA, English, 108 mins

  • Director: James Cox
  • Writer: James Cox; Captain Mauzner
  • Producer: Cassian Elwes; Christopher Lemole; Holly Wiersma; Tim Zajaros

CGiii Comment

Now...much has been said about how Billionaire Boys Club bombed at the box office...seemingly, earning a pitiful $126 on its opening day.

Obviously, as many outlets have stated, this gargantuan 'flop' is due to the multiple allegations of sexual assault that Mr Spacey' is now facing. Nothing to do with the fact that this unnecessary re-make is just not very good. Nor, the other contributing factors...no marketing [apart from this being the last film Mr Spacey made before the onslaught of allegations], only a handful of theatres screened the film...because, it was given a concurrent premium VOD release - that alone will kill every film stone-dead at the box office! And, last but not least - the film has been available on multiple [illegal] download sites for months!

Now that we've cleared up and trashed that bit of 'fake' news...let's get back to the film! As said, Billionaire Boys Club isn't great...mainly due to the writers messing around with the source material and the director trying - and failing - to put his own spin on this greedy tale.

With a great cast of good-looking, future leading men...what's not to like? Every single character! They are all so...puerile and contemptible. Mr Spacey is the epitome of sleaze...and, Cary Elwes as Andy Warhol is hysterical...unintentionally so.

Ultimately, it comes across as a poorer man's version of The Wolf of Wall Street - where the wealth of the on-screen talent outstrips and amplifies the obvious deficiencies of the collective off-screen talent.


The(ir) Blurb...

A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early 1980s establish a get rich quick scam that turns deadly.

Cast & Characters

Ansel Elgort as Joe Hunt
Kevin Spaceyas Ron Levin
Taron Egertonas Dean Karny
Emma Roberts as Sydney Evans
Ryan Rottman as Scott Biltmore
Jeremy Irvineas Kyle Biltmore
Thomas Cocquerel as Charlie Bottoms
Bokeem Woodbine as Tim Pitt
Barney Harris as Izzy Samedi
Waleed Zuaiter as The Persian / Izzy's Dad
Suki Waterhouse as Quintana 'Q' Bisset
Billie Lourd as Rosanna Ricci
Judd Nelson as Ryan (Joe Hunt's Dad)
Cary Elwes as Andy Warhol

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