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Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas

UK | USA, English, 94 mins

  • Director: Simon Savory
  • Writer: Simon Savory
  • Producer: Paul Brangwyn; Sionann O'Neill

CGiii Comment

After 46 minutes, you soon realise that all that has gone on before - has been an incredible waste of time...
Now - if you can contend with all the mad accents and the discombobulated dialogue...you end up in a Bagdad Cafe sort of place...where the original [minimal] story is almost [totally] abandoned.
A film that gets to Nowhere and goes nowhere after that...a confused cornucopia of too many failed ideas.


The(ir) Blurb...

A young woman and an intersex teenager develop a fast friendship that takes them from Los Angeles deep into the Nevada desert. Living high whilst keeping low, the pair are in it for themselves, but not quite each other, as their respective pasts begin to reveal dark truths.

Cast & Characters

Miles Szanto as Bruno;
Ashleigh Sumner as Earlene;
Barrett Crake as Billy;
Phillip Evelyn as Luther;
Clarissa Thibeaux as Cookie;
Janice Danielle as Sheriff;
Cassandra Peterson as Artie Duke;
Greg Travis as The Fixer;
Antony Cherrie as Kyle;
Ross William Wild as Brody

From the same director:

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